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TCS Embedded Code Analyzer (TCS ECA)

TCS Embedded Code Analyzer (TCS ECA) is designed to detect all occurrences of certain categories of errors early in the software development cycle and offer complete coverage-based testing, resulting in fewer product defects and, hence, better product quality. A highly automated offering, resulting in lower costs and higher confidence in software quality, it allows you to focus on the functionality and specification implementation.

Our Solution

TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES EMBEDDED CODE ANALYZERTCS ECA’s static analysis technology detects crashes, freezes and erratic behavior in business-critical embedded systems applications even before they occur. TCS ECA is the most scalable product of its kind in the market today and can easily be customized to suit your specific needs.


  • Minimize product recalls: Detect potential showstoppers – crashes, freezes and erratic behaviour – in your software. Preempt expensive break-diagnosefix-review-test cycles.
  • Shorten time-to-market: Achieve faster, complete and cost-effective test coverage with TCS ECA’s automated debugging and early defect detection and correction, steering clear of high-cost, error-prone manual testing, while meeting the required quality levels.
  • Reduce cost of quality: Detect defects early in the development cycle with TCS ECA’s static analysis and model-based methodologies, and lower the cost of testing.
  • Lower development efforts: Cut down the cost of development with TCS ECA’s efficient and automated defect detection mechanism.
  • Ease compliance adherence: Check for compliance of software with industry standards and produce relevant reports with no extra effort.

The TCS Advantage

  • Unique features: Thirty percent of TCS ECA’s features are unique in the market, while over forty percent of them are absent in any comparable alternative in the software assurance space.
  • Scalability: Tested on millions of lines of code, TCS ECA is one of the most scalable embedded software testing products available globally.
  • Flexibility: It is also the most flexible embedded software testing tool available. It allows you to select defect-specific analysis options, and you can customize it to address your specific problems.

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