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TCS’ Intelligent Asset Synchronization Manager

Regulatory compliance, competitive pricing and grid reliability rank at the top of every utility company’s agenda. Operationally, this translates into maximizing the value of enterprise assets across the asset lifecycle. To manage each business process, from asset acquisition planning to disposal, utility companies deploy diverse IT systems that often introduce asset data inaccuracies and synchronization issues.

TCS’ Intelligent Asset Synchronization Manager (IASM) addresses these challenges effectively. A platform-agnostic Asset Information Management (AIM) framework, IASM provides asset data synchronization and business process orchestration between operational and enterprise applications. It ensures asset data accuracy and integrity, supports predictive maintenance, and eliminates error-prone manual procedures.

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Our Solution

TCS’ IASM, an AIM solution framework, leverages industry specific asset data models and associated business processes through five core modules:

  • Partner System Configurator
  • Industry specific Asset Libraries
  • Business Activity Monitor
  • Business Process themes
  • Out-of-the-Box Connectors for popular operational and enterprise stack applications

IASM enables asset data synchronization across systems, asset lifecycle phases, and platforms, including ERP, CIS, EAM, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Live Weather, Predictive Maintenance (PdM), reliability, and condition monitoring, metering, outage, distribution, and work management systems. It also spans quality management systems, Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), and control systems such as PLC, DCS, and HMI.


With TCS’ IASM, you realize the following business benefits:

  • Improved asset availability: Predict outages and asset downtime accurately with insight into reconciled systems and asset data. Analyze operational, engineering, financial, maintenance and geospatial location asset information using IASM’s intelligent asset tags. Leverage real time views of critical asset attributes such as run hours, energy and residual value for informed decision support.
  • Effective business processes: Eliminate error prone procedures by automating manual processes and implementing best practices. Ensure asset data synchronization across enterprise systems and data integrity throughout the asset lifecycle.
  • Efficient organizational management: Review KPIs to ensure asset performance, sustainability, reliability and regulatory compliance, through enriched dashboards with synchronized asset information.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency: Achieve closer collaboration among people, assets and systems to realize work efficiencies.
  • Improved sustainability: Maintain technological currency, with IAMS’ platform-, product-, and technology-agnostic design, which simplifies new technology adoption. Identify and retire aging assets to promote safety and ensure compliance.

The TCS Advantage

We have harnessed our deep utilities knowledge to enrich IASM with built-in industry specific features, KPIs and reports as well as a utilities relevant asset data model to simplify and accelerate deployment.IASM drives end to end business process institutionalization and orchestration across organizational hierarchies. It provide insights into processes and events across operational and enterprise applications to help you meet regulatory requirements through high process agility.

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