Engineering & Industrial Services

Technical Publication

TCS’ Technical Publications Services are a combination of domain expertise and experience in technical writing, illustrations and animations, complimented by the capabilities of our alliance partners.

Client Challenges   

  • High cost of implementation of new specifications
  • Creation of manuals as per industry standards
  • Implementation of data reusability across functions and geographies
  • Need for faster time-to-market
  • Quick dissemination of the latest data to all stakeholders 

What TCS Provides

Content Creation Services

  • Aircraft manuals as per ATA 100, iSpec2200 Standard
  • S1000D compliant Data Modules (DM)
  • Engine Maintenance Manuals
  • Illustrated Part Lists and Catalogs (IPL/IPC)
  • Structural Repair Manuals (SRM)
  • Operation and Maintenance Manuals
  • Safety Information Manuals
  • Installation Manuals
  • User Handbooks and Product Training Manuals
  • CBT/WBT Manuals
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs)

Content Management Services

  • System integration and implementation services for maintenance document management program
  • Implementation of content reuse program to identify reusable data modules for process optimization in technical publication project management
  • Automated conversion of post script document into XML format
  • Repurposing of 3D CAD data to create 3D e-Catalog, visualization of e-Maintenance processes and e-Learning modules
  • Translation management services

Publication Process Optimization Services

  • Integrated TechPub content management with ERP system
  • Optimization of manual review process by integrating Tech Pub process with PLM
  • Legacy conversion of documents into SGML- and/or XML-based environment

Business Value

  • Reduced warranty / support cost and risk of liability through effective documentation
  • Enhanced product experience for customers through good documentation
  • Reduced product development lifecycle by synchronizing documentation with
    product development
  • Realization of optimized resource utilization by shared services model

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