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We invest in industrial, academic and technology alliances for capabilities that leverage our own competencies in order to provide you complete value. Our strategic engineering and industrial alliances include the following:

Automotive Research Association Of India (ARAI)

ARAI offers expert services in design, development, testing, certification and homologation of complete vehicles, engines, systems and components. It covers all the areas of automotive engineering, e.g. vehicle evaluation, emission, safety, materials, EMI/EMC, etc.

TCS and ARAI have a strategic MoU since 2005, to provide testing and validation and benchmarking services to various clients and support with allied consultancy services. Both the organizations’ complementary offerings provide a full services model for their automotive clients.

The Tata group has an outstanding relationship with ARAI. Tata Motors’ Chief Executives have served as Presidents of ARAI’s Governing Council on two occasions.

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The Automotive Open System Architecture (AUTOSAR) partnership is an alliance of OEM manufacturers and Tier 1 automotive supliers working together to develop and establish a de-facto open industry standard for automotive electric/electronic software architecture that will serve as a basic infrastructure for the management fo functions within both future applications and standrad software modules.

The TCS-AUTOSAR association enables us to architect and implement vehicle applicaitons that are compliant with the AUTOSAR standard, which serves as a platform for future vehicle applications for all major OEMs.

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Central Manufacturing Technology Institute

Central Manufacturing Technology Institute (CMTI) is an autonomous R&D organization working in the areas of advanced manufacturing technologies and focused HR development under the administrative control of the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry and is involved in the field of manufacturing.

TCS and CMTI, Bangalore have entered into an MoU to promote applied research and development, and the alliance aims to provide engineering solutions in the field of machine tools, manufacturing technologies, metrology and emerging manufacturing technologies (Micro and Nano technology) by mutually leveraging complementary skills and resources.

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ClickSoftware is the leading provider of workforce management and service optimization solutions that create business value for service operations through higher levels of productivity, customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness. The specialties include workforce management and optimization, service management, service chain optimization, forecasting, planning, shift planning, optimized scheduling and enterprise software.

As a partner, we plan to provide the ClickSoftware solution to our clients in the utility and telecom industry in all major geographies including India. We also plan to invest in building the competency in ClickSoftware solutions in partnership with ClickSoftware’s recently started operations in India.

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Dassault Systemes

TCS has been associated with Dassault Systemes since 2003 as a Development Services Provider (DSP) for providing professional services on Dassault Systemes products. This partnership enables us to provide end-to-end implementation services for Dassault Systemes products such as CATIA, ENOVIA and DELMIA to our customers.

As a world leader in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, Dassault Systemes provides value to more than 100,000 customers in 80 countries.

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TCS is enrolled on the ESRI Business Partner Program, which is designed to meet the needs of the user community while providing business partners with opportunities to expand their businesses and achieve success. TCS has been a partner with ESRI since 2004 and has been implementing enterprise integrated geospatial solution using ESRI technology for many of its global customers.

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GENIVI Alliance is a non-profit industry association whose mission is to drive the broad adoption of an In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) open source development platform. GENIVI will accomplish this by aligning requirements, delivering reference implementations, offering certification programs and fostering a vibrant open source IVI community. GENIVI’s work will result in shortened development cycles, quicker time-to-market and reduced costs for companies developing IVI equipment and software.

TCS has joined the alliance as a Core member. With broad expertise in various technologies in the infotainment domain, TCS will participate in technical councils and working groups to help drive the technical and marketing direction of the alliance. This association with GENIVI will help us offer better products / services and reduce the time-to-market for our automotive OEM and Tier-1 customers.

Read the GENIVI press release here.

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GE IP & Proficy

TCS has an alliance with GE Intelligent platforms, covering its Proficy suite of products. GE Intelligent Platforms are a part of GE, an experienced high performance technology company and a global provider of software, hardware, services and expertise in automation and embedded computing.

TCS’ strategic relationship with GE Intelligent Platforms helps us provide you with end-to-end services ranging from consulting-design and development-implementations to post-implementation support on the Proficy platform. We also have a strategic go-to-market initiative to provide you with Proficy-based solutions.

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GE Smallworld

TCS is a Certified GE Smallworld Partner, which develops business solutions for telecom and utility companies. TCS provides Geospatial Solutions related to Network Planning, Network Operations and Feasibility Analysis by integratingthem into Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Operating Support System (OSS) and Business Support System (BSS).

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TCS has a strategic partnership with Google globally on enterpriseand geospatial products. We help you implement Google geospatial products and offerings integrating theminto your business systems to deliver business value. Google offers interactive mapping products especially designed for business users such as Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Earth Enterprise.

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Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)

Since 2004, HAL and TCS have been complementing each other with their respective strengths, and this synergy represents a winning combination to reap the maximum benefits and advantages of outsourcing while providing end-to-end solutions in engineering and IT software requirements for aerospace and defense players globally.

Since 1964, HAL has been successful in numerous R&D programs developed for both defense and civil aviation sectors.

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TCS and IBM have a long standing relationship since the early 1970s, which has come a long way with us becoming one of the Global System Integrators (GSI) for IBM in 2003. Being a premier partner of IBM, we have access to the following IBM resources:

  • Subject matter experts, architects and lab advocates for joint solutions
  • Early Ship Programs (beta participation)
  • Benchmarking
  • Methodology/models/approach and best practices
  • Conducting Proof of Concepts to study the technology feasibility
  • Problem Management Records (PMRs) for the resolution of errors and technical issues

Visit the TCS-IBM Business Partner Profile.

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Indian Institute of Science (IISc)

Our alliance with IISc, Bangalore has resulted in a joint program called Advanced Product Design and Prototyping, where the focus is on technology and new product development. The services support the entire product lifecycle and its discrete steps. The IISc, founded by JN Tata in 1909, is the oldest of the premier R&D institutions and is a Center of Excellence of higher education in India. The institute has pioneered research in many areas of science and engineering, with its world-class research infrastructure spanning several departments like Center for Product Design and Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace, Computer Science and Automation, Materials Engineering, Electrical and Communications Engineering, and Civil Engineering.

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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras

This alliance dates back to 2001 for the development of manpower in computational engineering. It was broadened in 2006 to include the sponsorship of post-graduate students at IIT, Madras. As part of this alliance, a state-of-the-art computational laboratory named Center for Finite Element Analysis and Design (CFEAD) is supported. The following skills are sourced from this alliance:

  • Application of computational techniques to engineering simulation (Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • Competency building in special domain areas

Regarded as one of the finest engineering institutions in India, IIT, Madras, is recognized as an institute of national importance by the Government of India.

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Together, TCS and Infor, with the strategic alliance program, are focused on providing marquee solutions that align Infors technology with services capabilities and best practices of TCS.

As partners, TCS and Infor will address global opportunities. We will leverage our global presence and client relationships to cater to the global demand for Infor software and we have strong competencies to target all asset-intensive industry segments.

Infors Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is the most configurable enterprise-grade asset management solution in the market. It gives you the power to improve capital asset management in ways that increase reliability, enhance predictive maintenance, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce energy usage and support sustainability initiatives.

Infor’s EAM provides you with a powerful solution to control critical functions including asset hierarchy management, budget management, inspection management, purchasing management, work management and materials management, addressing the most challenging asset issues of both discrete and process industries, thereby enhancing productivity and profitability.

Infor’s EAM, available in industry-specific editions, gives you unparalleled flexibility to zero in on the specialized, industry requirements that can turn your companys asset management into a competitive advantage.

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Being an Intel Design House Program Member helps us in designing emerging products for OEMs around Intel’s architecture by providing early bird access to the technical/market information and premier support, especially in the consumer electronics and automotive segments. Intel architecture-trained manpower help OEMs gain zero-defect design, reduced time-to-market, lower development cycles and extensive technical support from both Intel and TCS.

TCS’ Intel Solutions: Digital Home Solution, Internet-based Car Navigation

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TCS is an enterprise solution partner of Intergraph Corporation for Security, Government and Infrastructure (SG&I) solutions. We represent Intergraph within India, offering and implementing geospatial-powered solutions for our customers in the government, transportation, utilities, photogrammetry and communications segments.

Visit the TCS-Intergraph Business Partner Profile (Enterprise Solution Partner).

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Japan Automotive Software Platform and Architecture (Jaspar)

The JasPar membership provides a distinct recognition of our competence in the automotive sector and enables us to work closely in the Japanese automotive industry. We would like to thus provide the benefit of the international contribution and standardization acquired through JasPar, to the OEMs and Tier 1s served.

JasPar is a consortium that aims to reduce technology development costs and promote technology development by encouraging Japanese companies to collaboratively develop pre-competitive technologies such as automotive LAN enabling technology, middleware and software platform.

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Meridium provides asset performance management solutions for asset-intensive industries, enabling reliability improvements that reduce production losses and optimize maintenance and capital expenses to continuously increase the return on production assets.

TCS is a Meridium Implementation Partner, and we have recently completed the first-ever implementation of Meridium’s Inspection Management and Risk-Based Inspection solution for a leading Indian refinery.

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Microsoft Windows Embedded provides a high-performance and reliable platform to innovative OEMs, helping you deliver devices that stand out through rich user experiences and seamless connections to the world of Windows. The Microsoft Windows Embedded portfolio includes a full line of embedded operating systems and other tools to enable developers to build next-generation 32-bit devices ranging from small, real-time industry controls to large footprint devices.

As a registered Microsoft Windows Embedded partner, we have access to product information, training and program resources through the Partner Resource Center. This will help us with increased business opportunities, market awareness and technology advice.

Visit the TCS-Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Solution Finder and Partner Profile.

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National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL)

TCS and NAL entered into an MoU in June 2004 and since then with their respective capabilities have come to represent a winning combination that provides end-to-end solutions and services to OEMs globally in areas like design and development of aircraft structure and sub-assemblies, aerodynamics studies, R&D related to propulsion/energy system, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), wind tunnel studies, flight controls and simulators, testing and validation (aircraft, system and materials) and several other related areas.

National Aerospace Laboratories NAL Bangalore is a constituent institution under the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research of India and the expertise of its scientists is acknowledged globally.

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Open Geospatial Consortium Inc. (ogc)

The Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC) is a non-profit, international, voluntary consensus standards organization that is leading the development of standards for geospatial and location-based services. More than 380+ industry, government, research and academic organizations are contributing towards this. TCS is an associate member of OGC. We are able to contribute toward this owing to our wide experience in implementing large integrated projects in geospatial technology.

The OGC membership provides us with a wider range of knowledge-based service offerings and access to new technologies in the ever-growing geospatial marketplace.

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OPEN Alliance

The OPEN Alliance (One-Pair Ether-Net) Special Interest Group (SIG) is a non-profit, open industry alliance of mainly automotive industry and technology providers collaborating to encourage wide scale adoption of Ethernet-based networks as the standard in automotive networking applications.

The TCS-Opensig alliance enables TCS to provide value consulting to its automotive customers in next generation in-vehicle networking technologies.

For more details please visit:

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TCS has been a Certified Oracle Partner since 1987, Certified Advantage Partner (CAP) since 1998, Global SI since 2005 and Diamond Partner since 2011. The Diamond Level helps customers identify partners with significant “end-to-end” capabilities across Oracle’s best-of-breed portfolio. We have implemented several large enterprise systems using Oracle Spatial technology globally. We have also developed Oracle-approved solutions, integrating Oracle Spatial with other business systems.

Visit the TCS-Oracle Business Partner Profile.

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Precision optical manufacturing (POM)

TCS and POM Group have jointly developed a unique, comprehensive CAM Solution for the additive manufacturing industry named as DMD CAM. The POM Group is the inventor of the state-of-the-art laser-based technology for metal synthesis and component fabrication called Direct Metal Deposition (DMD™).

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Qualcore Logic

In order to meet the design-to-cost and time-to-market goals, many of the application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and SOCs are designed using IP building blocks, which are already simulated, tested and silicon proven. IP now represents 30-40% of the cost of a SOC, and Analog IP is common to every VLSI chip.

In order to provide the best and most cost-effective ASIC and SOC solutions toour customers, we have signed a partnership with Qualcore Logic, a leader in Analog and Mixed-signal and specialized I/O IP building blocks. Under this partnership, QualCore will provide preferred pricing to help us and our customers meet our design-to-cost goals. We can also helpour customers build additional IP on top of these building blocks if further integration or feature enhancements are needed.

View the complete list of IPs available (186 KB PDF).

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Siemens PLM Software

For companies looking to maximize the business value of their PLM investments, Siemens PLM Software and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) alliance provides low risk, high value Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions with proven dependability. Our commitment to your success, and the know-how you need to solve your business’s most complex problems, help you reduce risk and gain competitive advantage in your industry. Unlike other PLM and Engineering Service Providers, our unique PLM solutions provide you better visibility and control across all areas of your business to help you make smarter decisions and better products. 

As a product vendor, TCS’s relationship with Siemens PLM Software started in 1987. The next two decades have seen the relationship evolve and mature with TCS playing multiple roles – vendor, preferred supplier, solution provider and consulting & system integration partner. A dedicated development center is established in India at Hyderabad from where TCS contributes to the Siemens’ Product development and Sales & Services organizations. TCS’s thought leadership has resulted in solutions for non-traditional industry verticals such as healthcare and retail and helped Siemens diversify their customer footprint and add new business logos. TCS’s ability to ramp-up rapidly based on Siemens’ acceleration programs (De-customization, A&D, LM, Site Consolidation and so on) helped them execute complex solutions faster and reach market in a shorter period of time. TCS, with its innovation labs and Centers of Excellence on Siemens technology, helps maximize the return on investment for existing customers and promote new sales.

As a Certified Development Partner, TCS has developed some notable assets on the Siemens platform like Direct Metal Deposition CAM, Teamcenter for Medical Devices, and Teamcenter for Retail.

Read the brochure on TCS - Siemens PLM Software.

Visit the TCS-Siemens PLM Business Partner Profile.

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TAL Manufacturing Solutions Limited (TAL)

We have been collaborating withTAL in the area of design and manufacture of machine tools, equipments, assembly tooling/fixtures, ground handling and support fixtures, since2005. TAL plays the role of a manufacturing partner for our clients. This unique alliance with its concept-to-manufacture solution provides the aerospace and defense world a one-stop shop for design-to-manufacture of aerospace parts and tools.

For more than 30 years, TAL has designed and delivered a range of machine tools, production and testing equipments and material handling systems, which are extensively used by auto OEMs and auto component manufacturing industries.

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TATA Advanced Materials Limited (TAML)

TCS has collaborated withTAML in the area of design and manufacture of composite component, tools and support fixtures. TAML plays the role of a manufacturing partner for our clients. This unique alliance with its concept-to-manufacture solution provides the aerospace and defense world a one-stop shop for design-to-manufacture of composite parts and tools.

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TATA Power Limited – Strategic Electronics Division (TPC-SED)

TCS and TPC-SED have collaborated for various projects in areas of design, prototyping and productionization of avionics and aerospace engineering (mechanical) products for the aerospace and defense industries, since2007. This unique alliance with its concept-to-manufacture solution provides the aerospace and defense world a one-stop shop for strategic programs.

Tata Power Company Limited, through its Strategic Electronics Division, is a leading private sector player in the indigenous design, development, production and supply of state-of-the-art defense systems.

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Xilinx is the world’s leading provider of programmable platforms, with more than 50% market share in the programmable logic device (PLD) segment of the semiconductor industry (Source: iSuppli Corp).

Xilinx has a worldwide ecosystem of qualified companies through the Xilinx Alliance Program to help mutual customers develop their products faster and with confidence on Targeted Design Platforms. Alliance member companies include FPGA IP providers, EDA vendors, embedded software providers, system integrators and hardware suppliers.

TCS is a Certified Member of the Xilinx Alliance Program and has demonstrated qualified expertise on the latest Xilinx devices and implementation techniques on Xilinx programmable platforms. As a Certified Member,we have been through a stringent certification process to ensure that our products and services are optimized to streamline customer product development cycles while minimizing risk.

For more information on Xilinx, please visit or contact your local representative.

Visit the TCS-Xilinx Business Partner Profile.

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