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Maximize asset utilization, optimize your supply chain, and  enhance your the enterprise visibility with TCS’ Engineering services.

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CPG companies are constantly looking to improve their supply chains to serve the growing number of digital consumers the world over and effectively meet the requirement for personalized products. Organizations need to ensure seamless IT-OT integration enabled by digital technologies like mobility, cloud computing, and Big Data to connect their shop floors to top floors, thereby improving enterprise visibility for effective decision making.

TCS Offerings

Our solutions cover the following functions:

  • Manufacturing excellence: Backed by TCS’ manufacturing operations management and transformational frameworks, our solutions comprise control system integration (CSI), manufacturing execution system (MES), and manufacturing information intelligence (MII). These solutions help standardize and integrate manufacturing processes and deploy standard IT platforms across plants. We also provide plant IT support through a managed services model. Backed by the ITIL framework and in line with industry benchmarks, TCS’ solutions help achieve an optimized and flexible supply chain.
  • Sourcing: Our solutions   and templates help CPG companies in capital goods sourcing, capital spend management, supplier quality management, and should costing, resulting in increased sourcing productivity, better spend management, and effective supplier consolidation.
  • Automation and optimization of plant, warehouse, and distribution center logistics: TCS supports in layout design, routing simulations, logistics optimizations, and the development of GIS, CSI, and IoT based remote monitoring and control to streamline material movement and improve overall efficiency.
  • Plant, product, package, equipment, and process design: We offer solutions and services to assist with the design of mechanical and electrical components, controls, instrumentation, digital manufacturing setups, virtual simulation systems, and CAD environments to improve the development cycle time and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Digital factory solutions: Enabled with mobility apps, energy management solutions, and remote monitoring tools, this solution enables predictive maintenance of the shop floor, thus optimizing asset utilization and increasing plant productivity.
  • Recipe, product portfolio, product life cycle, asset, and spare parts management: Combining industry-recognized COTS products with TCS process templates, frameworks, and industry best practices, our offerings enable CPG companies to comprehensively meet market demands through rapid customization.

The TCS Advantage

Partner with TCS to leverage the following advantages:

  • Domain expertise: TCS’ subject matter experts are well versed with the emerging industry trends across segments like home and personal care, consumer electronics, food and beverages, toys and games, and apparel and footwear. We have a host of engineering solutions to address the numerous challenges CPG enterprises grapple with.
  • Proven track record: We have supported several global CPG companies in their transformation journey across manufacturing excellence, supply chain management, product, plant and equipment development and recipe, & asset life cycle management, and more.
  • Partner ecosystem: Our partnerships and alliances with industry-recognized product vendors and niche system integration partners enables us to provide end-to-end support to global CPG companies and successfully deliver large transformation projects.


TCS’ solutions help CPG companies improve top line and bottom line revenues along with delivering the following benefits:

  • Flexible supply chain with optimized inventory, higher throughput, better returns on assets, reduced TCO, lower implementation costs, and institutionalization of good manufacturing practices.
  • Improved source to procurement (S2P) process with engineering enabled sourcing and automated pay to procurement (P2P) process steps to improve sourcing productivity, realize cost savings, and better manage the global supplier network.
  • Reduced cycle time and TCO for plant, product, package, equipment, and process design services.
  • Optimized logistics routing design and efficient material handing processes to increase productivity and flexibility.
  • Effective resource and asset utilization supported with predictive maintenance and remote monitoring capabilities.


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