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High Performance Computing-based Engineering Services

Get CAE simulation-based domain solutions, through a fully managed High Performance Computing (HPC)  environment with TCS’ High Performance Computing-based Engineering Services.

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TCS has been providing engineering services to global OEMs and Tier-1 and Tier-2 suppliers with a special focus on “digitized” product design and manufacturing. With our combined skill in engineering and IT, we bring you the best solutions, thereby reducing the total cost of product lifecycle significantly.  In order to bring higher fidelity into simulations, we use an HPC environment to solve large CAE problems.

Our Services

Managed HPC service: We offer to build and manage HPC clusters for specific customer needs, with hosted applications. Under this, you can avail dedicated or pay-per-use models to meet your dynamic HPC requirements.

Parallelization of codes: In an HPC environment, the parallelization of simulation software is critical in order to scale up. With our wide experience in HPC software design and development, we can develop or improve codes to compute better in HPC environment, thereby bring higher efficiency in the simulation process.

HPC-enabled Engineering Simulation: We can design products and optimize their performance through a combination of advanced design methods such as non-linear simulation models and methods after careful study of inputs, applying design of experiments strategy for a better decision making and usage of HPC-based simulations.

The TCS Advantage

With our recent acquisition of Computational Research Laboratories Ltd. (CRL), a HPC technology developer, we are now able to offer a unique range of HPC solutions wherein simulation-based designs are evaluated in a secure, fully managed, highly flexible HPC environment, by TCS experts.

At TCS, we offer to take full or part of your simulation workload under our own HPC environment and deliver results through our simulation experts. We have the right technology, process and people to enable customers achieve their financial goals and business goals. We have also enabled the integration of supplier process right in the development stage to improve the speed of entire manufacturing process with enhanced product quality.

Solution Benefits

TCS can help reduce Total Cost of Ownership by reducing number of prototypes and cycle time and improving product quality. Our bundled service help you achieve significant savings in your product development cost. We also offer to improve specific simulation methods to run faster on HPC, thereby improving the overall process efficiency.

With TCS’ unique HPC-based simulation services, you achieve the following benefits:

  • Shorter product development duration
  • Elimination / reduction in CAPEX costs
  • Reduced total cost of product design and development
  • Efficient management of dynamic simulation requirements

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