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Increase plant productivity and enrich your product ecosystem with TCS’ integrated engineering and information solutions

Rapid growth in the infrastructure, manufacturing, material-handling, transportation, and mechanized farming sectors across the globe, is driving the demand for robust machinery and sophisticated processes to effectively meet burgeoning market requirements.  Developing smart products (intelligent, connected, and enabled for real-time communication) is crucial to succeeding in this competitive business environment.  


There is also an increased urgency to rapidly bring these innovative products to the market place, at reduced costs. Adopting emerging technologies such as 3D printing and partnering with organizations that offer multi-disciplinary technological expertise can help address these challenges effectively.

TCS Offerings

TCS offers breakthrough engineering solutions in the areas of product innovation and design, design validation and simulation, solution standardization and modularization, sustenance engineering, and field failure analysis. Our services cover multi-disciplinary engineering functions and are used to design and engineer next generation smart products. These include:


Our solutions and services can help you:

  • Devise effective new product development and innovation strategies
  • Significantly reduce engineering cycle time and associated costs
  • Improve product performance and reliability
  • Multi-disciplinary support for diverse requirements; a one-stop shop for all business needs delivered at a cost and capacity advantage

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