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Enhance  efficiency and reduce costs across the metals and mining value chain, with TCS' industry-leading offerings.

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With increasing infrastructure development requirements, the demand for base metals such as aluminum, iron and steel, nickel, copper, and bauxite has risen rapidly. Precious metals such as gold and silver, and minerals such as coal and diamonds have witnessed similar demands. Key business drivers are reduced operational costs, equipment longevity, and maximized supply chain efficiency.


Moreover, horizontal and vertical integration across the value chain and adherence to multi-layered standards laid down by the International Society of Automation (ISA) have become critical performance enablers in this asset-heavy industry.  TCS helps enterprises bridge operational gaps with leading solutions and services.

TCS Offerings

Our services span the entire metals and mining value chain – exploration, mine operations, beneficiation, logistics, port management, manufacturing IT, and shop floor. We offer:

  • GIS based services: Management of land records and permits, lithography mapping, mine planning and design, and drill data analysis.
  • Enterprise asset management (EAM): Design and development of integrated asset management solutions, systems consolidation, and product implementation frameworks and methodologies.
  • Plant Floor to  Enterprise level end-to-end services:
    • Control system integration (CSI): Solutions and services for industrial automation systems covering level 0 (sensors) to level 2 (control) layers.
    • Real-time system (RTS): Custom-built, real-time control interfacing applications and software products to facilitate data acquisition and control.
    • Advanced Process Control (APC): Solutions for modeling and optimization of systems for mineral and metal processing plants.
    • Manufacturing execution system (MES): Manufacturing operational process assessment, industrial automation, and information integration, along with requirement analysis as well as solution design, development, deployment, and support.
    • Enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI): Role-based dashboarding and data integration framework for shop-floor to top-floor system integration.
  • Engineering Services:
    • Plant design engineering: Process, civil, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation engineering.
    • Product engineering: New product development (NPD) services from concept to prototype, design, and analysis of various systems and sub-systems.
  • TCS also provides support for product lifecycle management, development of embedded systems, electromechanical manufacturing, sourcing solutions, drawing management systems (DMS), and more.

The TCS Advantage

With the highest score of 392, TCS is a Level 1 Certified Member of Control system Integration Association (CSiA). Partner with us to take advantage of our:

  • Domain expertise: By leveraging our vast cross-industry and technical expertise, we deliver advanced, cost-effective solutions.
  • Mineral Process Engineering Lab: Part of the Tata Research, Design, and Development Center (TRDDC) in Pune, this lab is dedicated to modeling and simulation of manufacturing processes and has developed diverse tools, technologies, processes, and decision support systems to help you improve manufacturing processes and bring down operating costs.
  • Metals and Mining Center of Excellence (CoE): Recognizing that technology is advancing at a rapid rate and the prime objective of our clients is to keep pace with the change, TCS has established a CoE to enhance our capabilities in, and develop breakthrough industry solutions for, the metals and mining space.


  • Improved metals and mining value chain efficiency
  • Cost-effective operational processes
  • Comprehensive adherence to industry standards like ISA-95
  • Enhanced process monitoring and overall enterprise visibility


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