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Enhance operational efficiency, gain increased visibility into shop floor metrics, and secure higher return on assets with TCS’ Plant Solutions and Services.

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Globally, manufacturers are rethinking business strategies and processes to harness innovation and offer differentiated performance. Geographically dispersed plants and supply chains have refocused attention on enterprisewide visibility, flexibility, and control to counter production challenges and deliver quality products on time, as ordered, and at the best price.  

Client Thoughts

Having the reputation, resources and capabilities of the TCS partnership behind our low-cost initiatives gives our customers a huge comfort in dealing with India. We continue to engage with TCS across all aspects of our low cost initiatives.”
- Gardner Aerospace, UK, Mark Cooper, Executive Vice President, Programs & Strategic Sourcing

Thanks once again for a truly fantastic effort performed by TCS. You have clearly been a vital member of our team and I am confident that without your professional commitment we could never have met our demanding targets.”
- United Utilities, Graham Keegan, Service Delivery

TCS Offerings

The TCS Advantage

  • Domain expertise: We focus on all aspects of manufacturing operations, leveraging technology to solve complex manufacturing problems and support global programs.
  • Full services play: We provide end to end support to manufacturers ranging from conceptualization, design and development, as well as global deployment and centralized support.
  • Proven track record: Our experience helps us craft a well defined roadmap for operational excellence with Global Network Delivery Model (GNDM™) by leveraging Big Data analytics, cloud computing, and mobility.


TCS’ innovative and integrated IT solutions offer the promise of increased operational efficiencies,
enhanced product quality, and compliance through faster inventory turns, reduced production lead times, and faster new product introductions. TCS’ Plant Solutions and Services help manufacturers to:

  • Standardize processes and metrics.
  • Rationalize plant IT stack
  • Create a flexible and scalable plant IT architecture.
  • Integrate applications with processes 
  • Realize quick return on investment
  • Delivery of superior customer satisfaction

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