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TCS’ Excellent Quality and Delivery Capabilities help Toshiba meet Demanding Deadlines

In this video, Hidehito Koka, Managing Director, Toshiba Software, India, highlights how TCS’ excellence in quality and delivery have been instrumental in Toshiba meeting its demanding deadlines.




Toshiba Software India Pvt. Ltd. (TSIP) is a technology development center set up to develop reusable software components. TSIP works for software solutions at all layers of software architecture:

  • Drivers
  • OS and schedulers
  • Multi-core firmware
  • Middleware
  • Applications

The company also works on platform-independent reusable software components/IPs and provides competitive software solutions.

I have never considered TCS as a separate entity.” - Hidehito Koka, Managing Director, TSIP

Experience Results
Hidehito highlights that in its six-year long relationship with TSIP, TCS has always met the severe and demanding deadlines from end-customers and exceeded expectations with its excellent delivery and quality capabilities.

Experience Partnership
TCS developed three products in the span of six years with TSIP and brought great success to the Toshiba Smart Card. Hidehito highlights that even though TCS is a large organization, we have shown great agility to adopt the changes.

Experience Leadership
TSIP finds that the TCS culture is very open, collaborative, cooperative and highly ethical with a high level of expertise. TCS’ strength lies in its excellent resources along with its wide range of domain knowledge and know-how.  

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