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TCS helps INCOIS develop and deploy a sound tsunami early warning system

TCS developed the tsunami early warning system using state-of-the-art IT and geospatial technologies. This first-of-its-kind implementation in the Indian Ocean region provides real-time information to INCOIS scientists, helping them detect, assess and monitor tsunamigenic earthquakes and issue tsunami alerts.

The Customer
INCOIS provides ocean information and advisory services to the society, industry, government, and scientific community through sustained ocean observations and systematic and focused research.
INCOIS, a knowledge and information technology enterprise for the oceanic realm, is pursuing focused programmes in the areas of Ocean Observation, Ocean Modeling and Ocean Information & Advisory services.

Business Scenario
Soon after the 2004 tsunami, the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India, commissioned the
development of a tsunami early warning system and chose INCOIS to set up the National Tsunami Early Warning Centre.

In order to create a sound early warning system, INCOIS needed an integrated system for N2 modelling, real-time monitoring of seismic data, tide gauge and Bottom Pressure Recorders (BPRs)
data and decision support. The system needed to generate accurate tsunami alerts and disseminate
information to scientists, researchers, administrators and the public through website, emails and SMS.

TCS' Solution
TCS developed a tsunami early warning system that provides scientists with necessary information for
tsunami alerts, through access to real-time seismic data, monitoring of tide gauge data, and BPRs to
assess the tsunamigenic potentiality of an earthquake. Key features of the system include -

  • N2-Model application with the state-of-the-art geospatial technology to display the model output
    as layers on the maps with right symbols
  • Real-time seismic data monitoring subsystem with GIS interface
  • Tide gauge data monitoring subsystem with GIS interface
  • BPRs data monitoring subsystem and Decision Support System (DSS) with GIS interface
  • Web GIS-based website with state-of-the-art GIS web services
  • Application for information dissemination through emails and SMS alerts
  • Hardware and networking support
  • Highly scalable solution with 24x7 availability

TCS provided INCOIS with the right technology skills at the right cost. Tsunami Early Warning Solution
helps in:

  • Accurately detecting tsunami ’s in the Indian Ocean
  • Alerting effected countries surrounding Indian ocean
  • Predicting the travel times for the Tsunami to reach a particular location along the coast
  • Disseminating tsunami alerts to scientists, administrators and the people, helping reduce
    the damage to life and property

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