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Global Telecommunications Company increases asset valuation by £1 billion and improves network planning efficiency by 75 percent by transforming the Geospatial Systems.

TCS’ transformation of a physical inventory management system helped the global telco to realize previously unknown assets and increase its total asset valuation by approximately £1.0 billion, while also improving network planning efficiency by 75 percent by transforming the Geospatial Systems.

About the Client
TCS' client is one of the largest telecommunication services companies in the world and has operations in over 170 countries. The company provides fixed-voice, broadband and networked information technology, as well as satellite, cable and digital terrestrial television services. It serves consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises, corporates, large multinational corporations, domestic businesses and national and local government organizations.

Business Challenge
TCS' client had a stock pile of legacy network asset data distributed in 34 drawing offices. However, this data was mostly raster or image-based, with few intelligent digital records available for smart planning. Maintaining paper records were cost prohibitive and had limited usability. The sheer volume of data hampered accessibility. Additionally, network planning was time consuming and cumbersome as it demanded extensive field surveys in the absence of updated network records. These problems with the records data led to low asset valuation for the company and the regulators were unhappy with the quality of the global telco's records.

The company approached TCS to transform its legacy systems to an integrated intelligent physical inventory system which included transformation of all physical and logical legacy data. 

TCS’ Solution
In line with different areas of challenges, TCS developed a comprehensive menu-based solution to eliminate direct interaction of live data with extraction users and transformed the exchanges' raster and logical data from the legacy systems to the new target network inventory management. The TCS team developed an in-house manifest inventory tool, and formulated a process flow to carry out the complete collection and collation, and synchronize with other existing company processes.

Key benefits include:

  • The global telecom company now has a single electronic system capable of holding all of its physical line and internal records, enabling ease and efficiency in planning.
  • The fault management now has easy access to records and no longer rely on 'paper based' records and thus maintenance has now become simpler.
  • TCS' data transformation has helped the telecom planners to plan new provisioning into the new enterprise GIS based planning and recording system thereby eliminating the delay of recording planned inventory after completion of the Build.
  • The global telco has been able to increase asset valuation by approximately £1.0 billion and helped to increase the efficiency of planning time by approximately 75 percent.
  • The TCS team was able to plan and roll out new fiber networks for 60 percent of the UK in a record time of three years.

“The size of this task should not be underestimated and its success is a great example of what can be realized when all parties work together with the vision to succeed” - Data Transformation Resource and Commercial Manager

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