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Enterprise Vulnerability Management

TCS’ Enterprise Vulnerability Management (EVM) services help you eliminate the inherent security weaknesses in web applications (both internet and intranet), network devices, and mobile applications.

Continual expansion of the enterprise IT infrastructure and the ever-changing security threat landscape have resulted in new methods of cyber-attacks with increased frequency and severity.  It is imperative to adopt and implement an effective vulnerability management program to safeguard infrastructure and information systems from data breaches and theft.

TCS’ Enterprise Vulnerability Management (EVM) services allow you to maintain a continuous view of the vulnerabilities in your IT environment and the risks associated with them.

The TCS Advantage | Our Solutions | Benefits 

The TCS Advantage

Our vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services rely on industry-leading proven methodologies. Not only do we employ the best tools, but our certified security experts also carry out manual testing. We support you with:
• Approved methods and tools for the identification, analysis, remediation, and monitoring of vulnerabilities
• Threat profiling to measure, manage, and eliminate security threats
• Formulation of vulnerability assessment strategy aided by external and internal security intelligence feeds
• Our physically isolated networked laboratories, spread across a number of locations in India, which ensure that your sensitive data is handled in the most confidential environment

Solutions We Offer

TCS’ comprehensive Enterprise Vulnerability Management services detect, remediate, and reinforce your organization’s security controls.

Our services encompasses Dynamic Application Security Assessment (DAST) of web and mobile applications, Static Application Security Assessment (SAST) of web and mobile applications, web application penetration testing, vulnerability remediation, threat profiling and modeling, and secured SDLC. We provide vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of network, servers, devices, and Wi-Fi infrastructure, as well as platform configuration review.

We also support you by training your staff on how to recognize and neutralize vulnerabilities.


Solution Benefits

  • Identify and remediate vulnerabilities faster, before they are exploited, and discover 50% more vulnerabilities
  • Eliminate false positives and prioritize actual threats
  • Detect attack paths to facilitate regular scans, and secure applications against flaws in business logic
  • Reduce the duration of authenticated scans – in some cases, from five days to 24 hours on average
  • Reduce vulnerability exposure by at least 20% within one year
  • Lower the TCO of your vulnerability management program and increase your ROI on IT security



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