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Fraud Management and Digital Forensics

Proactively protect your organization from legal, compliance, and reputational risks with TCS Fraud Management and Digital Forensics Services

Digitalization of data, products, and processes is an increasingly important driver of economic growth, but it also creates a host of cyber security challenges and vulnerabilities. Cyber security has become a critical component in IT governance with the rapid changes in the delivery of services and the ever-increasing reliance on technology for the delivery of those services.TCS Fraud Management and Digital Forensics Services enable organizations to proactively detect, prevent, and respond to potential fraud and IT security incidents

The TCS Advantage | Our Solutions | Benefits

The TCS Advantage

TCS Fraud Management and Digital Forensics Services offer the following advantages:

  • A team of highly skilled industry professionals with up-to-date knowledge who provide proactive, reactive, and predictive services
  • Experience of working with corporates, governments, and investigation agencies across the globe
  • A Center of Excellence equipped with the latest hardware and software tools

Solutions We Offer

Fraud Management and Digital Forensics

 Our Fraud Management and Digital Forensics Services cover the following areas.

  • Fraud Management:
    • Technology fraud risk assessment
    • Creation of anti-fraud policy and framework along with solution implementation
    • Investigation and analysis of electronic fraud, along with customer-centric models for fraud detection, mitigation and eradication
  • Digital Forensics:
    • Disk/media forensics, mobile forensics, network forensics, log analysis & correlation
    • E-discovery: collection, preservation, mapping, and processing of electronically stored information(ESI)
    • Readiness for legal and regulatory compliance
    • Static and dynamic analysis of malware and identifying indicators of compromise
    • Audit and forensic investigation of software license compliance
  • Cyber Security Incident Response Management:
    • Creation of incident response policy and framework
    • Incident response readiness assessment and security drills
    • Security incident investigation
  • Turn-Key Solutions: 
    • Creation of cyber forensic units in build-operate-transfer model
    • End-to-end e-discovery process management

Solution Benefits

 Our services offer the following benefits:

  • Increased regulatory compliance and lower legal risks arising out of fraud or cyber security incidents
  • Reduction in network downtime, cost of investigation, and legal sanctions, resulting  in increased profitability
  • Proactive detection of  fraud or security incidents that facilitate early risk mitigation, thereby reducing the impact  
  • Better control over fraudulent incidents and identification of vulnerable areas
  • Safeguarding of stakeholder’s interests and the organization’s reputation 

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