Enterprise Security & Risk Management

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Enhance your business performance with TCS Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Services that help you keep enterprise risks within acceptable levels.

The emergence of newer technologies, hyper-connectivity, and business transformations has exposed organizations to unanticipated, complex and multifaceted risks.

TCS' GRC services help enterprises effectively manage regulatory and compliance requirements, identify risks, and take well-informed decisions to mitigate risks.

The TCS Advantage | Our Solutions | Benefits

The TCS Advantage

  • Our ready-to-use tools, enablers, and solution accelerators result in mature governance, proactive risk management, and effective regulatory compliance.
  • TCS offers end-to-end services (from strategy to execution) for large scale implementations.
  • TCS enables rapid and flexible deployment across products, markets, locations, regulatory regimes, and Lines of Business (LOBs).

Solutions We Offer

  • Business Resilience: We help you assess your organization’s operational risks and single points of failure, identify cost-effective measures to minimize them, achieve high availability and continuity of operations, and achieve compliance with regulatory requirements.
  •  Instrumented Governance: Enterprises can gain deep insights into all aspects of governance, risk, and compliance activities. Our solution enables better returns from investments in GRC tools through automation of the day-to-day activities required to run a successful GRC program and achieve the required level of assurance.
  • Operational Risk Management: Our Operational Risk Management Framework enables enterprises to assess, evaluate, and treat their technology risks, vendor risks, supply chain risks, process risks, and environmental risks. Senior management can access a consolidated risk view and make risk-informed business decisions.
  • Regulatory and Compliance Management: You can identify risks and design and implement necessary controls to manage the current regulatory and compliance requirements, specifically related to Data Privacy, Sarbanes Oxley Act, PCI, and HIPAA. These services comprise regulatory readiness checks, audits, assessments, and remediation services. These services minimize the impact of external audits, risk assessments, and control testing on business operations.

Solution Benefits

Our services support enterprises in transforming risk levers to growth opportunities by maintaining a balance between benefits realization and risk optimization. We enable you to:

  • Achieve operational excellence through optimization of controls related to people, processes, and technology
  • Leverage GRC tools to adjust your operations successfully to ever-changing regulatory requirements
  • Realize revenue growth opportunities through robust governance, risk management, and business continuity management frameworks
  • Deploy industry proven solutions and approaches of risk and compliance management for higher process maturity, reduced cost of compliance, and sustained success
  • Establish a high level of corporate governance

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