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Information Protection

Protect sensitive business and customer information with TCS’ Information Protection services.

Today macroeconomics and technology trends are encouraging customers to perform online transactions. This has made sensitive data a target for hackers, necessitating protection from modification, unauthorized access, disclosure, disruption and destruction during processing, storage and transmission. Protecting confidential information is a legal requirement and with tightening of legal privacy regulations, striking a balance between trusting and risk beliefs becomes critical. TCS’ Information Protection (IP) services successfully helps enterprises manage business imperatives, deliver comprehensive protection that maximizes confidentiality, privacy, efficiency and performance.

The TCS Advantage | Our Solutions | Benefits 

The TCS Advantage

  • Vast understanding and experience in working with global privacy laws and guidelines.
  • Dedicated R&D division devoted towards developing solutions for data privacy.
  • Experience from collaboration projects with leading universities and alliances on data privacy.
  • Proprietary Privacy Enhancing Tools (PET) such as data privacy suite and masketeer TCS’ data masking tool is a winner of Golden Peacock innovative product).
  • Certified privacy and data protection professionals abreast with latest developments in regulatory and information protection space.

Solutions We Offer

    Information Protection
  • Categorize sensitive information assets (PII, FII, PHI etc.) critical to business with drivers such as legal and regulatory compliance, operational resilience and ROI.
  • Assess information risk when information is flowing from cradle to grave in any line of business.
  • Implement and deploy controls to achieve protection, digital rights, confidentiality and privacy to instill a privacy aware culture.

Our privacy programs such as the following ensures privacy and data protection to all the spheres of organization boundaries providing holistic data centric security:

  • Privacy governance
  • Privacy impact assessment
  • Privacy controls (people, process and technology)
  • Privacy preserving and enhancing solutions (such as anonymizing, masking, and profiling)
  • Privacy audits
  • Privacy in operations
  • Privacy metrics

Solution Benefits

  • Discrete decision making on data in motion, at rest and in use
  • Security, rights and privacy solutions at a transactional level enabling organizations to adopt business models and technologies such as cloud, social media, mobility and ubiquitous Big Data
  • Outsourcing models with cross border transfers
  • Regulatory compliance
  • A privacy aware culture limiting data breaches and legal liabilities

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