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Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Products

Secure your enterprise applications with a comprehensive Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)-based product suite that will cater to all your security and compliance requirements, with TCS’ PKI Products.

While information security has always been a critical requirement for any enterprise, the emergence of mobility, cloud and social computing as the future of IT has increased the risk further. This paradigm shift has resulted in the widespread proliferation of devices and applications with access to sensitive data, making it difficult to meet regulatory and privacy requirements. TCS has a comprehensive suite of PKI security products that can help you meet these challenges in a cost-effective way.

The TCS Advantage | Our Solutions | Benefits  

The TCS Advantage

Our extensive security domain expertise backed by years of systems integration experience places us in the unique position of being able to help you incorporate security as an enabler rather than a compliance requirement.

  • Being the largest certification authority in India, that operates on its own in-house software, we have an in-depth understanding of core security technologies.
  • We have successfully delivered 250+ PKI-enabled implementations across banking, insurance, e-governance and e-tendering sectors.
  • Our comprehensive in-house security products, based on PKI technology, can address your security and compliance needs.

Solutions We Offer

Enterprise Security & Risk Management We provide complete end-to-end consultancy and implementation services, where we architect your security posture and controls, new applications and the incorporation of security into existing applications. We also provide implementation services for PKI-enabling of applications. 

Our diverse range of PKI services include the following:

  • Web-application Security: FormSigner®Pi is a PKI-enabled offering for authentication, digital signatures, encryption and integrity for web transactions. It seamlessly integrates into all standard browsers and supports storage of user private key credentials in the hardware like Hardware Security Module (HSM), USB tokens and smartcards. This functionality is available through our KryptoSigner e SDK. FormSigner®Pi is a variant offering integrity protection for PDF documents. 
  • Mobile Security: Adapting to market needs where more and more users interact with information systems and business applications through mobile devices, we have extended our data security offerings to the mobile platform as well. Our mobile apps include FormSigner® M, Authenticator App and certificate management app. Together, they provide digital signatures and strong authentication using digital certificates, TOTP, grid and patterns. We support storage of key credentials in the default key store, phone memory or on a microSD-based Secure Element. 
  • Security Services Framework (SSF): This offers extensive user and credential management, strong authentication and role-based authorization capabilities. SSF supports TOTP, digital certificates, grid, OTP, etc. as credentials. It is a backend-agnostic security framework that offers security components as web services and can simultaneously service multiple enterprise applications with similar security requirements. FormSigner® Pro is our eSignature solution built upon SSF and dhruvam-lite solution for complete digital certificate lifecycle management.  
  • Dhruvam PKI Suite: Dhruvam® is a complete PKI suite that can be used to set up a Certification Authority (CA). 3 of the 7 licensed CAs in India operate on Dhruvam. Dhruvam can also be used to set up an enterprise CA issuing and managing digital certificates for all applications. It has a built-in support for Registration Authorities (RAs) and sub-CA hierarchies and is fully standard-compliant. Dhruvam integrated with two of our in-house tools i.e. Saakshi, which is a time-stamping server and the Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) validation server, which facilitates a complete triad of adjacent PKI requirements.  
  • Secure File Transfer (SFT): SFT is a secure file sharing system, which enables registered users to share documents after protecting them using encryption and digital signatures. The document owner can specify parameters like the list of intended recipients, days for which the document will remain available and protection scheme. It supports multiple protection schemes like PKCS #7, Password and Identity-based Encryption (IBE). 
  • Key Store Management System (KMIP): KMIP offers complete key lifecycle management through secure generation, storage, distribution, use and destruction of both symmetric and asymmetric keys in accordance with NIST SP800-57. It also provides key store management through agents that run on systems, consuming keys and keep track of expiry, renewal, etc.  
  • Desktop Application Security: FileSigner Plus is our PKI-enablement offering that provides Authentication, Digital Signatures, Encryption and Integrity for files. It supports storage of user private key credentials in hardware like HSMs, USB tokens and smartcards. FileSigner Pi is a variant offering integrity protection for PDF documents.

Solution Benefits

  • Accountability, non-repudiation, confidentiality and integrity of information or any electronic transaction
  • Strong authentication, transparency and reliability
  • Data protection by making files confidential, tamper-proof and assurance regarding the authenticity of the source
  • Reduced cost and improved ROI


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