Enterprise Security and Risk Management

Client Successes

Indian telecom major boosts customer experience and operational efficiency with enterprise security services
A leading Indian telecom operator modernized and upgraded its identity access management system, vulnerability management, and network and data security management with TCS’ enterprise security and risk management services. The company could reduce IT risks and cost of operations, and boost customer satisfaction.
Leading financial services provider ensures regulatory compliance with a robust enterprise-wide identity and access management framework
A leading financial services provider found it challenging to maintain performance with its existing identity and access management system in place. The company also wanted to integrate its enterprise-wide apps to it, seamlessly. The financial services organization decided to leverage TCS’ industry expertise and experience in implementing identity and access management systems. Within six months of completing this engagement, the company drastically lowered post-production errors by more than 50%
Leading Entertainment Company improves security with an Enterprise Vulnerability Management program
TCS established an Enterprise Vulnerability Management Program for a leading entertainment organization which resulted in improved security position, along with significant cost savings

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