Enterprise Security & Risk Management

Effective Risk Management: Choosing the Right Network Intrusion Prevention System

Choosing the right security architecture is one of the utmost important objective of an organization  today. The intrusion prevention system (IPS) provides preventive security at all system levels — from OS kernel to network data packets. Intrusion prevention systems assists in taking immediate action against security threats, based on a set of policies defined by the administrator.

The threat environment has changed over time, and the network intrusion prevention system (NIPS) technology has also evolved to protect the business environment against advanced threats. The next-generation NIPS technology delivers comprehensive protection by  combining signature and behavior-based pattern detection with contextual information to provide protection against known and unknown threats. The IPS model of deployment and placement in the network are other important considerations for an effective cyber-security risk management strategy.   

This paper discusses key points to consider before deploying an IPS in any IT environment. The key criteria for IPS policy creation aimed at minimizing false positives and preventing disruption of legitimate traffic are also discussed in the paper.

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