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Enterprise Content Management Migration

At TCS, we understand your concerns regarding content migration and offer a framework that minimizes the risks associated with the task. We use a three-step methodology-extraction, storage and loading – to migrate content from the source to target system.

Benefits | The TCS Advantage


  • An ECM migration roadmap: We provide a comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) migration roadmap, identifying key elements for a successful migration delivery.
  • Efficient migration of data: Our unique DocXfer migration tool — an XML-based mechanism for bulk upload — provides detailed auditing and tracking of data to ensure fast and accurate migration. It efficiently handles exceptions and provides tracing and error logging, and configuration of input parameters.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): By developing and using in-house tools, we reduce the cost associated with procuring a licensed content-loading tool, thus making your migration activity cost-efficient.

The TCS Advantage

  • Vast ECM experience: We have implemented numerous ECM engagements across the globe, giving us an in-depth understanding of the functional and technical knowledge required for any successful migration strategy and implementation.
  • Domain expertise: Our proficiency in content migration is demonstrated in our successful content migrations involving millions of documents and tera-bytes of data, scattered over various repositories.
  • Center of Excellence (CoE): Our ECM CoE comprises a large pool of experts who are well-versed with ECM products from leading vendors such as EMC, IBM, Livelink, Vignette, Adobe, Microsoft and Interwoven. This makes it easier for us to develop extraction and loading strategies that are best suited to your needs.
  • Unique tools: We develop and deploy in-house tools such as DocXfer to load content along with associated metadata from the source or staging file system into the destination ECM system. The tool is tested and tuned to provide optimum performance and resource utilization.

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