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Transform your IT enterprise and improve patient care with TCS’ Enterprise Solutions for Healthcare providers.

TCS Offerings | Business Value

Healthcare providers must transform their organizations to improve patient care and safety, reduce costs, meet increasing security and regulatory demands and support new government healthcare initiatives. To meet these challenges, providers need to:

  • Unify disparate legacy systems to allow care givers and insurers to share patient records and ensure seamless care
  • Embrace mobility solutions to give patients and care givers instant access to health records anywhere, on any device
  • Adopt the cloud and other innovations to modernize outmoded systems and reduce IT costs, while keeping health records secure

TCS Offerings

TCS’ key Enterprise Solutions for the Public and Private Healthcare industries include:

  • MedMantra: TCS’ hospital management and information system
  • Electronic Medical Records, Electronic Health Records and e-Health solutions
  • Provider Performance Insights (PPI)
  • Revenue management
  • IT and IS services
  • Infor Lawson Healthcare

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Business Value

Having years of experience implementing advanced business solutions for private and government hospital networks, we will help you:

  • Enhance operational efficiencies, modernize and optimize internal processes and establish a highly agile platform that reduces costs and allows the seamless integration of new technologies
  • Adopt social media and mobility to meet the demands of patients, who wish to engage more actively in their own care 
  • Improve information-sharing and collaboration among all healthcare stakeholders to reduce costs, while improving patient outcomes

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