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Optimize and streamline your IT enterprise to adopt innovative technologies quickly and empower your business decision-making ability with TCS’ Enterprise Solutions for High Tech industries.

TCS Offerings | Business Value 

High Tech companies are under constant pressure to drive innovation and manage change. But a complex, inflexible IT enterprise is standing in their way. To succeed, they must:

  • Understand and quickly adapt to changing customer needs in a rapidly evolving marketplace.
  • Develop and share industry-leading technology innovations with their customers ahead of their competitors.
  • Get products to market faster and better manage them throughout their lifecycle.

TCS Offerings

TCS will streamline and modernize your IT enterprise—allowing you to seamlessly adopt the best-of-breed industry technologies you need to be a High Tech leader. Our offerings include:

Oracle Solutions
Reverse Logistics - Improve regulatory compliance and reduce costs by forecasting and managing product returns more efficiently.
SAP Solutions
Legal Management Solution - Better manage your legal department operations with a single business-wide application.

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Business Value

TCS’ specialized High Tech business practice partners with a large TCS pool of solutions and technology experts to deliver end-to-end solutions for computer platform and services companies, software firms, electronics and semiconductor companies, as well as professional services firms. We will:

  • Transform your disparate legacy systems into a highly agile platform that seamlessly adopts new and emerging optimization technologies.
  • Deliver the means to capture and analyze information about customers, partners, products and competitors to improve your insights into “what the market wants”.
  • Simplify complex supply chains to reduce costs, improve decision-making and enable rapid adjustments to fluctuating market conditions.

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