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Adopt advanced Enterprise Solutions for Life Sciences industries to excel in turbulent market times.

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With the era of profitable blockbuster products being over and a new era of personalized medicine just beginning, Life Sciences companies face difficult challenges. Industry leaders need to:

  • Use the cloud and other innovations to reduce R&D costs, accelerate R&D innovation, and get new products to market more quickly.
  • Improve visibility into increasingly complex global supply chains, reduce risks and respond more rapidly to changing market conditions.
  • Comply with rapidly increasing government regulations in a cost-effective manner.
  • Embrace mobile and social media to broaden your customer base and grow customer loyalty.


TCS Offerings

We offer more than two decades of experience delivering advanced business solutions to the world’s top Life Sciences companies that address and mitigate the most pressing challenges.

Oracle Solutions

Reverse Logistics: Manage and analyze automotive product recalls, along with returns for repair, replacement, remanufacturing/refurbishing, parts retrieval and recycling.

SAP Solutions

SAP HANA Center of Excellence (CoE): Get maximum results from our powerful SAP HANA solutions and profound expertise. 

STeP Certainty (Serialization, Traceability and e-Pedigree): Address the strategic, tactical and operational aspects of the pharmaceutical supply chain requirements for product serialization and e-pedigree.

Next Generation Genome Sequencing: To allow researchers to analyze and mine genomic data with significantly more speed, TCS offers an Accelerated NGS Data Analysis Platform for building automated analysis pipelines powered by the lightning-fast SAP HANA platform.

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Business Value

With TCS’ deep domain expertise, global delivery footprint and Life Sciences Innovation Lab, we deliver custom enterprise innovations, including mobility and Big Data solutions that drive business results and help you:

  • Accelerate drug discovery.
  • Advance clinical trial efficiencies.
  • Actualize end-to-end medical products.
  • Increase manufacturing efficiency and productivity.
  • Enhance supply chain visibility and reduce risks.
  • Improve sales and marketing effectiveness and grow customer loyalty.
  • Improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

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