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Modernize your IT enterprise to capture and analyze downstream data instantly and adjust to the shifting consumer wants with TCS’ Enterprise Solutions for Retail.

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Retailers succeed by effectively responding to the needs, trends and expectations of consumers, but consumer demands change quickly— one reason why nearly 70% of new product launches end in failure. The technology challenge many retailers need to resolve: disparate IT systems and legacy processes that limit their ability to capture and analyze downstream data and adjust rapidly to shifting consumer wants. Retailers seek to:

  • Provide superior experiences for today’s savvy customers, giving them easy access to product and ordering information anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Quickly consolidate point-of-sale data to gain rapid insight into sales patterns to optimize trade-promotion ROI.
  • Improve collaboration among retail executives, merchandisers, planners and store staff to better understand customer sentiment, design more desirable products, minimize inventory and operational costs, and maximize sales performance and profitability.

TCS Offerings

TCS addresses the retail challenge by implementing a single, highly agile IT enterprise platform and offers distinct Enterprise Solutions for the Retail industry.

Oracle Solutions

TCS Omni-Channel Retail Customer Experience Solution: TCS Omni-Channel Retail Customer Experience Solution built on Oracle CX suite of applications is an end-to-end solution which focuses on designing, delivering and optimizing superior end-consumer experience.

Retail Loyalty Solution: Keep your customers continuously engaged by combining innovative promotions with issued vouchers.

Orchestrated Commerce Solution: TCS’ Orchestrated Commerce solution helps retailers facilitate seamless orchestration of orders from different channels.

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SAP Solutions

TCS’ Automotive Retail Accelerator Solution (AURA) and AURA Complimentary Offerings: Drive continuous improvement in key performance indicators, differentiate processes and services to retain customer loyalty and reduce the total cost of ownership of investments in dealer management systems.

Inventory Management for Retail Outlets: Empower retail outlet employees with comprehensive insight into inventory at their fingertips at any given time through a mobility solutions built on the SAP Mobile platform. The application design is based on the iphone coupled with a barcode scanner sleeve.

Real-Time Offer Management for Retail and CPG industries:   Leverage powerful SAP HANA-based predictive analytical and in-memory capabilities to forecast consumer buying patterns to design in-store personalized marketing campaigns.

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Business Value

We have delivered mission-critical programs for leading retailers worldwide, including the top eight US retailers and five of the top 10 UK retailers. You can expect us to:

  • Establish an agile IT platform that puts your customers’ needs at the center of all business decisions and drive profitable growth in a time of drastic shifts in consumer behavior.
  • Optimize business performance, align technology with business priorities, reduce costs, improve margins, and constantly sharpen your competitive advantage.
  • Increase return on investment and decrease the “time-to-value” of your business and IT programs.

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