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Travel, Transportation and Hospitality

Enhance quick exchange of information anytime, anywhere and harmonize your IT landscape – while slashing IT costs up to 30% with TCS’ Enterprise Solutions for the Travel, Transportation and Hospitality Industries.

TCS Offerings| Business Value

Travel, transportation and hospitality companies are going through a period of upheaval and change, which presents a tremendous opportunity to drive business improvements. It becomes crucial to take into account:

  • Customer demands to access information 24/7  via multiple channels and devices.
  • The need to streamline and integrate back-office systems and business processes to increase agility, speed, workflow quality, as well as, collaboration among internal stakeholders, partners and suppliers, while at the same time reduce costs.
  • Adoption of enterprise mobility to empower field workforces, gain real-time insights and rapidly respond to customers.

TCS Offerings

TCS offers multiple innovative Enterprise Solutions to help travel, transportation and hospitality customers improve business performance during a time of change.

 Oracle Solutions

SAP Solutions

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Business Value

The world’s premier travel, transportation and hospitality organizations value TCS’ deep domain and technology knowledge to:

  • Reduce your IT costs by up to 30% by transforming your enterprise legacy systems and modernizing and simplifying business processes.
  • Guarantee customer satisfaction, loyalty and growth by implementing state-of-the-art e-commerce solutions, specialized flight systems, transaction processing systems and customer experience management solutions.
  • Bring products to market faster and improve ROI for existing IT expenditures by aligning your IT strategy with your business strategy.
  • Comply with growing regulatory requirements and deliver the business agility you need to drive business results.

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