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Integrated Cargo Terminal Management Solution


TCS'Integrated Cargo Terminal Management Solution is a comprehensive offering that enables cargo operators to efficiently perform all cargo related activities.

Benefits | The TCS Advantage

The following factors differentiate TCS’ offering:

  • Graphical micro- and macro-level yard planning to optimize space for better inventory control
  • Online customs and regulatory clearances
  • Real-time recording of the entire terminal’s operations using RDT devices, which are graphic and character-based
  • Capability to interface with auto gate systems and payment gateways


  • Gate: Automates gate operations while retaining the possibility to interface with external systems
  • Vessel: Enables real-time load and discharge operations using radio terminal devices such as hand-held mobile devices and vehicle-mounted terminal devices
  • Yard: Facilitates real-time container stacking in the yard, accurate inventory status using radio terminal devices, and quick retrieval and stacking
  • Rail: Enables real-time load and discharge operations using radio terminal devices
  • Finance: Enables automatic invoice generation based on the operational data

The TCS Advantage:

  • Out-of-the-Box Solution: The offering comes with ‘all in a box’ functions that can be implemented in any bulk cargo terminal.
  • Strong domain capabilities: With the help of our own resources, such as value chain process maps, solution accelerators, and comprehensive test cases and other relevant artifacts and assets, our delivery team can customize the solution for you.
  • De-risk the deployment: The various implementation risks can be mitigated through a pre-packaged and pre-configured solution that can be tailored to address specific cargo terminal operator needs.
  • Delivery excellence: Our Global Network Delivery Model (GNDM), a collaborative, best in class framework of people, processes and infrastructure makes it possible for us to consistently ensure delivery excellence and provide the best of all to our customers. 

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