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Integrated Freight Management

Today, globalization and rapidly growing logistics networks have resulted in improved supply chains, while making them exponentially more complex. This poses serious challenges to logistics service providers to manage their supply chain operations effectively. It demands real-time integration between their transport management systems and backend ERP applications.

TCS' Solution | Benefits | TCS Advantage

TCS' Solution

TCS Integrated Freight Management Solution with its pre-built integration package on SAP Net Weaver PI platform is designed especially for logistics service providers that use SAP for their back-office functions while leveraging the Oracle Transport Management (OTM) Solution for their core logistics operations. 


  • Get greater visibility through real-time data integration and process integration between OTM and SAP
  • Increase efficiency with master data synchronization, automated freight payment and customer billing processes
  • Reduce implementation time with solution accelerators and pre built scenarios
  • Achieve a higher ROI with increased productivity and lower risk of implementation 

The TCS Advantage

  • Rich experience in OTM implementations
  • Extensive knowledge in the logistics and transportation domain
  • Strategic partnership with Oracle
  • Dedicated OTM labs

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