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The next paradigm shift and your digital DNA

Innovative thinkers from TCS and SAP are joined by a renowned futurist to discuss the challenges that companies face in today’s time of rapid change and converging new technologies.

Listen to the podcast for ideas on business transformation to keep your competitive edge.

We are entering the most transformative period of history. This great transformation is a result of exponential technology progression as well as innovation that demands profound business evolution. The convergence of social, mobile, analytics, big data, and cloud technologies fueled by innovation accelerators such as renewable energy, robotics, cognitive computing and the Internet of Things are affecting the digital DNA of your organization drastically.

Access this engaging discussion that explores the:

  • Exponential progression of innovation and the business implications
  • Next generation examples of how businesses can utilize new technologies
  • Impact of leadership and management in enabling change
  • Characteristics that organizations need to thrive in our digital era

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