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The TCS Advantage

TCS’ solutions built on Oracle Siebel CRM and Oracle Fusion CRM technology deliver a combination of transactional, analytical and engagement features to manage all customer-facing operations.

Oracle Siebel CRM Expertise - By leveraging a decade-long Oracle Siebel partnership, TCS hosts a dedicated Siebel Center of Excellence to help you transform your customer relationships. TCS commits itself to accelerate and add value to client engagements with proprietary tools and pre-built solution kits backed by the assurance of our vast product expertise.

Oracle Fusion CRM Expertise - Built to work with diverse platforms, Oracle Fusion CRM automates business processes while protecting the customer’s choice of solutions. TCS’ Center of Excellence for Oracle Fusion Applications and our CRM Practice deliver the suite’s promising new capabilities such as role-based workplaces, embedded business intelligence and customization through configuration.

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Services We Offer

Advisory Optimization

- Strategy and roadmap
- Business process standardization
- Mobility and social CRM strategy roadmap
- Upgrade assessment

- Application management
- Managed services
- Application upgrades


- Enterprise application implementation (Siebel, UCM, OBIEE)
- Enterprise integration and SOA
- Master Data Management (MDM) / Customer data integration

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Solutions We Offer

TCS’ Oracle-based customer experience (CX) management solutions define all the touch-points throughout your journey and foster a more positive experience, building loyalty. We deliver on-premise and on-demand CRM solutions with role-based customer intelligence and pre-built integration.

Airline Customer Experience Management
Retail Customer Experience Management
Telecom CRM-in-a-Box
Field Service Management

Warranty Management Solution
Social CRM Solution
Mobility CRM Solution
Citizen Services Solution

Airline Customer Experience (CX) Solution on Oracle

This Oracle based solution builds on the extensive capabilities of the Oracle CX suite of applications to empower airlines to transform customer engagements.
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Retail Customer Experience (CX) Management
Help break loyalty parity deadlock and offset the operational efficiency-advantage of larger competitors by providing personalized experiences to your most profitable customer segments. Combine all the components required by retailers to build, run and measure strategic marketing and loyalty initiatives—Oracle Siebel CRM, ATG Web Commerce, OBIEE, real-time decisions, and WebCenter. 

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Telecom CRM-in-a-Box
Increase average revenue per-user (ARPU) and extend profitability.
This solution will shorten and simplify the Siebel CRM implementation cycle for wireless operators. Featuring pre-built, ready-to-deploy business processes and best practices, it requires less effort to implement—a distinct advantage over competitive off-the-shelf products.

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Field Service Management
Service reps serve as the human interface between your supply chain and your customers. Improve their first-contact resolution rates by providing them with precise information and repair history. This also reduces your carbon footprint (and fuel costs) by minimizing the number of trips to the repair site. This solution integrates the best features of Siebel CRM and Field Service applications—along with warranty management—optimized for use on all leading platforms: mobile, tablet or PC.

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Warranty Management Solution
Integrate your warranty processes and strengthen customer loyalty by proactively resolving quality issues. Enhanced business intelligence minimizes fraudulent claims with comprehensive analytics capabilities. This solution incorporates Oracle Siebel CRM and our own WOPR™ (Warranty Operations Process Reference) to jumpstart the standardization and harmonization of warranty processes.

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Social CRM Solution
Integrate social media conversations with traditional CRM processes using this internal and external collaboration platform. Mine and analyze customer sentiment via the TCS Listening Tool to calibrate sales, service and marketing strategies. Integrated seamlessly with Siebel CRM, it builds meaningful sales and service reports around data captured from social media.


Mobility CRM Solution
Deploy your Siebel CRM functionality across the latest and most advanced mobile device technologies. This solution maximizes on-road time and shortens sales cycles. Provide a better customer experience by responding to customer needs in a timely manner. Configured with role-based dashboards and device-centric experiences, this solution integrates with Siebel CRM.


Citizen Services Solution
The TCS Citizen Services solution, delivered on Oracle Service Cloud, provides an integrated and effective framework for offering multi-channel citizen service accessibility. Through this solution, we help governments modernize services, enable new engagement channels, and empower employees to realize improved efficiencies.

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Oracle Fusion CRM solutions

TCS offers a full set of Oracle Fusion CRM offerings, from advisory to maintenance, affecting all customer touch-points, fostering a more positive experience and building loyalty. We guide you through important decision and discovery milestones:

  • Should you wait for Fusion CRM to evolve before migrating from your existing CRM system?
  • Can Fusion CRM co-exist with your existing CRM system?
  • Are you already leveraging your existing CRM solution to model and build better business processes?

We understand the interplay between these challenges and their impact on customer experience and business continuity. Once your decision is made, we provide the following offerings:

  • CRM-on-Demand to Fusion-on-Demand migration
  • Siebel on-Premise to Fusion on-Premise migration
  • Co-Existence with Application Unlimited (AU) with Oracle Fusion CRM Oracle Fusion CRM implementation services

Client Experience

Honeywell International
TCS helped Honeywell upgrade to Oracle’s Siebel Through the process, the team reduced the number of system customizations by 60 to 75 %. In addition, with Siebel CRM Desktop, sales representatives working offsite can enter sales and customer information in offline mode—providing them with more customer face time. The new system also supports more accurate sales forecasting processes by automatically accumulating reports and including pipeline information in addition to run-rate sales statistics.

Dubai Municipality Rent Committee
Learn how TCS implemented a Rent Committee Case Management System to automate the judicial system processes of Dubai Municipality's Rent Committee, leading to increased accuracy and citizen satisfaction.
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