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Oracle WebCenter Portal Offerings

The Oracle WebCenter Suite engages users with a great new user experience, letting them access facilities like business applications, relevant content, Web 2.0 services, analytics and more. In order to meet fast changing market requirements, WebCenter enables administrators to rapidly build work-spaces that provide these facilities.

Benefits | The TCS Advantage

TCS’ Oracle WebCenter solution provides the following services to help meet an organization’s goals:

  • Web experience management
  • Composite applications and mash-ups
  • Seamless integration with all enterprise content
  • Web 2.0 services such as wikis, blogs, discussion forums, presence, social networks, events and calendars
  • A web integration strategy for existing web applications
  • User-driven customization and personalization
  • Analytics to report on activity and content usage
  • Delivery of web content through mobile channels
  • Worklists that show the users their task list
  • Content retrieval from multiple repositories


  • Strategy and consulting: We help in assessing the current bottlenecks in an organization and provide insights on how an enterprise portal can help in overcoming these.
  • Solution design and implementation: We use a subset of the requirements to create a pilot implementation to help refine the solution. We then configure, customize, and develop new components to create the portal applications.
  • Support and operate offerings: Our support offerings provide maintenance and support for Oracle WebCenter solutions deployed in the organization.
  • Effective user training: We provide hands-on user and administrator training so that employees can utilize all the features of the WebCenter portal effectively.

The TCS Advantage

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