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Retail Loyalty Solution

Retail enterprises, today, increasingly seek next-generation loyalty programs to enhance market competitiveness and multi-channel consumer excellence. These programs establish competitive differentiation through targeted reward schemes, increase customer retention and drive short-term customer behavior for increased profitability.

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Our Solution

TCS’ Retail Loyalty Solution provides a flexible customer loyalty framework to reduce the outstanding loyalty points liability in your book of accounts. Combining innovative promotions with issued vouchers helps keep your customers continually engaged with the program.

The solution is backed by pre-built analytical schema and dashboards. These help in the effective tracking of promotion performance across territories, the growth of members, usage of value-added services, and multi-currency, financial impact of outstanding vouchers and their associated points liability.


  • Alignment of your loyalty processes along tested and standard industry best practices;
  • Our extensive experience in retail loyalty implementations and retail-specific bolt-on solutions
    for a significantly-accelerated implementation and faster realization of ROI;
  • Seamless integration with fulfillment and outbound communication channels for effective marketing and member communications;
  • Streamlined business operations to eliminate redundant processes and disparate systems, leading
    to lower TCO
  • Extensible 'Retail Loyalty in a box' framework that caters to next-generation needs around Customer
    Experience Management, mobile eCommerce and social networking integration.

The TCS Advantage

  • Siebel Loyalty implementation experience: We have successfully implemented Siebel Loyalty for Retail customers across geographies. We have also been involved in the flagship loyalty program re-launch for global retail majors.
  • Solutions for specific implementation pain points: Our Loyalty solution leverages and extends the best-ofbreed features of Siebel Loyalty. This addresses the functional requirements of critical retail-specific industry processes such as invoice handling, flexible statement generation and publishing, and forced redemption scenarios for voucher generation.
  • Pre-built accelerators and demo center: In addition to functional flows to map retail-specific scenarios, we have an extensive array of management reports including pre-built dashboards and KPIs for analytical purposes. We also have a dedicated demo center to for retail-specific loyalty scenarios, which showcases all accelerated business flows and bolt-ons.
  • Loyalty Center of Excellence (CoE): We have a Loyalty CoE that focuses completely on business and functional best practices, Solution Accelerators, Assets and Templates for loyalty implementations specific to the retail and CPG industries. Our CoE works closely with our Retail Industry Service Unit (ISU) to ensure that we remain fully aware of the latest cross-industry trends.

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