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Unlock hidden insights in your enterprise data with TCS’ lightning-fast Analytics Solutions.

As more products and tools become digitized, IT leaders face an explosion of Big Data across the enterprise—data that is only useful if you can mine it for business insights, trends and correlations. Data-driven predictability will be the source for the new competitive advantage. Traditional database and storage systems lack the speed and performance to effectively process today’s volumes of data. 

TCS Offerings

TCS’ competence for providing you with the highest performing real-time Big Data analytics solutions and services is anchored on strong partnerships with leading product vendors. Our dedicated Centers of Excellence and research and innovation labs collaborate with research universities and draw from an expert Big Data team. Our resources include a large pool of certified Big Data specialists - data scientists, engineers and computer scientists - and a confluence of traditional analytics and next generation analytics capabilities.

Oracle Solutions

Oracle Exadata Database Machine: TCS is the first Oracle PartnerNetwork member to launch a global CoE dedicated to Oracle Exadata solution development—and the first to achieve advanced Exadata specialization. We help you capture, organize and analyze diverse data sources using Exadata’s high-speed flash-memory capabilities.

TCS Oracle Exadata Data Migration Toolkit: Our migration experts lead you through the extraction, integration, integrity and design, reducing demands of data migration on your IT talent and technologies. We combine a proven methodology and approach for the rapid development and deployment with predictable results, lower cost of execution (with reusable components), and standardization of technology and processes.

SAP Solutions

TCS SAP HANA Center of Excellence (CoE) Solutions: TCS was one of the early system integrators to focus R&D capabilities on SAP HANA. We now have a team of experts honing a deep understanding of SAP HANA and showcasing successful customer case studies. Our robust and proven industry-specific solutions offer you gain rapid business insights using high-speed in-memory capabilities.

Demand Signal Management: A powerful Co-Innovation product from TCS and SAP, the Demand Signal Management solution helps CPG companies capture analytical insights. Data can be mined and analyzed in near-real time to drive informed decisions pertaining to sales promotions, marketing, supply chain, product development and more.

Next-Generation Genome Sequencing Analytics: Researchers experience crucial speed enhancement analyzing and mining genomic data with TCS’ accelerated Next-Generation Genome Sequencing (NGS) Data Analysis Platform. This solution builds automated analysis pipelines powered by the lightning-fast SAP HANA platform.

Business Value

TCS’ Analytics Solutions will help you process, analyze, filter and mine massive volumes of business data. We are well positioned to test various hypotheses against this data, enhance predictability and arrive at clear business conclusions and actionable insights.

We will help you with the following:

  • Attain highly informed business decisions with dramatically increased technology speed 
  • Utilize innovative, proven analytics solutions built on best-in-class technology and evaluated and developed by our specialized TCS Centers of Excellence (CoE) for improved performance and enhanced functionality
  • Tackle Big Data complexity and exploit the potential of newest technology for your industry and business challenges, supported by TCS’ large pools of combined industry and data expertise

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