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Realign your people, processes and technology to realize your business objective.

 To maintain competitiveness in a rapidly changing economic environment, businesses need to transform and simplify outdated enterprise business processes and systems. Leveraging our global experience, deep industry insights and a proven holistic approach to strategy planning, TCS’ Business Consulting team will help your company realign people, processes and technology to realize your business objectives. We guide our clients through all aspects of a business transformation so that they can fully realize the greatest benefits in the most efficient way possible.

TCS Offerings | Business Value

TCS Offerings

We provide our clients with end-to-end solutions designed to meet their needs in key areas that resonate across every industry.

  • Financial management: Guidance across budgeting, planning and accounting; help our clients create greater transparency and enable them to effectively transform finance operations.
  • Supply Chain: Work with clients to implement next-generation supply chain strategies that will turn customers into advocates, increase customer retention and acquisition and lower the costs to serve. Our approach focuses on customer value-driven supply chain segmentation to design the supply chain from the perspective of the customer looking back. 
  • Enterprise Architecture:  Provide clients with the tools they need to manage the complex relationships between business and IT. Our top-down information-based approach enables organizations to transform the business and realize successful long-term outcomes for their IT investments.
  • Strategy & Value Management: Our roadmaps enable C-suite executives responsible for transformation programs to align their vision, investments and management objectives to operationalize their corporate strategy. We deliver industry insights, identify trends and conduct benchmarking as a baseline to assess business drivers, potential operating models, capabilities and compelling opportunities.
  • Customer Experience: Our discovery diagnostic methodology uncovers the attributes that matter most to the customer and provides a clear set of tactical and strategic initiatives to establish processes that put customers at the center of the business. Organizations can thereby achieve stronger relationships with their customers, generating greater loyalty and ultimately greater profitability.
  • Core Transformation PMO:  The Project Management Office unifies all disciplines necessary to manage large scale enterprise transformation programs, including program management, portfolio management, compliance, and risk and issue management.
  • Delivery Assurance: Our offering helps organizations ensure the success of their large-scale business transformation programs. By offering early and continuous visibility into the program's progress, we maintain focus on desired outcomes, thereby preventing schedule and cost slippages.

Business Value

When partnering with clients in business transformation, TCS’ business consulting team commits to delivering:

  • Enhanced operational efficiencies
  • Greater transparency
  • Minimized risk
  • Sustained cost leadership
  • Greater profitability


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Finance and Risk for Banks: Building the Pillars of Perpetual Preparedness

Waves of compliance mandate creates disruption for banks’ financial systems and organizational processes. In this PoV, we analyze how a flexible and integrated finance and risk function can help banks evolve to meet new regulations and digitize their business.

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The Agile Supply Chain: Driving and Supporting Agility through Sales and Operations Planning

In this Point of View, we look at the role that Sales and Operations planning plays in determining the financial, operational and customer results for any company. We will also study in detail, the various components of a successful agile S&OP.

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Solving the Value Realization Conundrum

Take a look at the factors that can derail an organization’s ability to deliver results on investments in large technology-enabled business transformation initiatives and identify ways to manage these complex projects to maximize returns.

Case Studies

McGraw-Hill Education establishes a new operating model for its Digital Transformation journey

TCS helped McGraw-Hill Education, a leading publisher, establish a new operating model to transform and realign their focus to new-aged subscription based digital products with reduced operating costs and increased revenue.