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Sybase to Oracle Rapid Migration (STORM)

Enterprises, especially in the banking, financial, and insurance sectors, carry out Sybase migration engagements to overcome the challenges such as support the withdrawal of earlier versions and high maintenance costs. They prefer migrating to other Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS)to standardize their technology stack to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and workforce skillset-related risks. Migration helps avoid upgrade to Sybase v15.0 and the resulting costs and technical errors.  

Benefits | The TCS Advantage

TCS accepted this challenge and developed the Sybase to Oracle Rapid Migration (STORM) solution—a holistic approach for migration of Sybase ASE (v12.5) to Oracle 11g.

STORM offers a multi-step, low-risk approach for technology transformation, and it provides a path to a more modern environment with lower costs and increased agility while addressing compliance concerns.

The STORM solution standardizes RDBMS from multiple vendors to few significant ones by optimizing the stack of tools, processes and associated skills. It standardizes the surrounding applications, interfaces and the tools for administration as well as performance monitoring and management. This helps eliminate the risks associated with the IT systems running on unsupported technology stacks. You also reduce costs associated with specialized support for obsolete technology stacks from vendors and maintenance teams.

The comprehensive solution comprises Oracle products and the range of migration services, domain expertise, service delivery, and flexible pricing models from our GNDM™.


  • Migration from unsupported technologies to current ones
  • Total cost of ownership reduction by standardizing on fewer RDBMS
  • Standardized process and infrastructure resulting in better turnaround times
  • Greater availability of workforce experience and skills on the Oracle RDBMS

The TCS Advantage

TCS has a dedicated focus group for legacy modernization as part of its Technology Excellence Group. Apart from our strong consulting skills in TCO study, IT roadmap, migration- / reengineering-specific solutions, we leverage our alliances with platform and product vendors. Our partnership model ensures customer involvement in projects and robust knowledge transfer processes.  

  • Experience in large scale migrations: The migration approach includes the bottom-up complexity analysis that forms the basis for application clustering and sequencing for planning purposes. This helps in understanding the migration complexities in a consistent manner and in achieving the initial plans. The analysis also helps identify the right set of automation aids to ensure that there is no decrease in efficiencies through the conversion life cycle. Our database technology expertise (Sybase and Oracle) and migration experiences bring in best practices and lessons learned as a part of the solution.
  • Tools and accelerators: TCS Tools Group provides tools for the entire migration lifecycle, including automation of assessment/ planning, conversion and testing results, with optimal timelines and effort for the migration. We also have additional tools to improve the productivity and efficiency of migration. These tools are designed to address the gaps in Oracle SQL Developer and other third-party tools. They automate the migration processes enabling consistent delivery, optimal effort and reduced timelines.
  • Factory model: Our factory model used for execution ensures scalability of conversion where large number of databases need to be migrated in parallel streams. It also promotes quality and performance.
  • Global Network Delivery Model™: Our service delivery model brings in a collaborative effort with a best-in-class framework of people, processes and infrastructure, thereby ensuring cost advantages. 

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