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TCS Actionable Insights for Logistics

TCS' Actionable Insights for Logistics solution provides LSPs and shippers with critical business insights in the form of dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs) derived from accurate data analysis. It facilitates visualization of carrier specific KPIs and holistic customer data to enable smarter business decisions, helping companies deliver greater value to their customers.

Benefits | The TCS Advantage


With poor visibility into customer's information, such as business share, revenues, and services rendered, LSPs often assign ad hoc priorities to customer orders. This results in customer attrition and reduces revenues and profitability. Additionally, limited information on win-loss ratios and saleable spare capacities leads to low confidence in converting sales to orders. These issues result in underutilized assets and lanes, thus negatively impacting margins. Also, limited visibility on carrier performance, freight cost charged as well as carrier utilization results into lopsided utilization of carriers with respect to their commitments and margin expected. Although companies recognize the need to leverage business intelligence (BI) to improve operational efficiency, existing BI solutions provide canned reports with limited intelligence and have limited capability in supporting effective decision-making.

TCS' Actionable Insights for Logistics is a solution built on SAP Business Warehouse (BW) and Business Objects (BO). It packages relevant KPIs across logistics processes including carrier selection, order management, and spot quote to help managers make informed decisions. Our solution generates business insights on carrier performance, carrier utilization, and freight costs for efficient carrier selection. By providing a comprehensive view of the customer, it enables prioritization of customer orders based on services, revenue, and business value. The solution also offers lane analytics for greater visibility into unutilized capacities, calculates win-loss ratios and other lane-related KPIs, and helps determine quotation terms to drive order conversions.


TCS' Actionable Insights for Logistics solution provides carrier insights for efficient carrier selection, customer insights for smooth order execution, and lane insights for winning spot quotes. Benefits of leveraging our solution include:

  • Improved capacity and asset utilization: Balance carrier allocation and commitments in order to improve vendor relationship, and improve asset utilization based on analytical views that depict carrier specific KPIs such as cost per unit volume/weight, commitments met, and pickups and deliveries fulfilled. Eliminate latent service inefficiencies, thereby improving asset, service, and resource utilization.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: Improve visibility into operational challenges and bottlenecks, and initiate remedial action to drive efficiency and customer satisfaction. Leverage the holistic view on customers lifetime value, share of their business, and services rendered to them to prioritize orders for higher profitability.

The TCS Advantage

TCS' Actionable Insights for Logistics solution is powered by our expertise in the transportation domain and SAP. Our solution delivers value through:

  • Contextual insights: We take a top down KPI based approach to BI, and leverage our LBIDS framework that facilitates the identification of the right set of KPIs. Our solution extends and enhances SAP Transportation Management's (TM) Embedded Contextual Analytics (ECA) further with actionable insights for superior decision making.
  • Source independence: The solution is source agnostic and seamlessly integrates with any TMS, CRM or SRM, with easy to configure KPIs.
  • Pre-defined dashboards: Our pre-defined dashboards enable faster deployment, and are generated using SAP BO Dashboard Designer to enable visualization of business insights captured from various sources. It also provides self service visualization by leveraging SAP Lumira.
  • Pre-defined SAP BW data models: Our quickly deployable data models minimize the use of standard SAP BW objects to avoid conflict during deployment. With the flexibility to add new KPIs and apply custom business rules, we cater to customer specific requirements.

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