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TCS Airlines Customer Experience Solution on Oracle

Transform customer engagements with TCS' Airlines Customer Experience (CX) Solution on Oracle. Our end to end solution integrates customer data across touch points, and provides a single view of customer information to facilitate seamless real-time customer-centric decision making while improving organizational efficiency.

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TCS' Solution

To enable customer experience transformation, TCS’ comprehensive value-driven Airlines Customer Experience Solution on Oracle provides the following:

  • Builds a unified passenger data source, consolidating information from legacy systems and other disparate systems, by leveraging the Oracle Airline Data Model (OADM)
  • Enables personalized selling based on a unified view of the customer across channels and touch-points, from the initial stages beginning with travel purchase through journey completion
  • Orchestrates processes and technologies across customer facing business functions to make critical CX-centric contextual information available to decision makers in real-time
  • Builds Next Best Action capabilities to identify the best action in response to customer inputs
  • Supports extension of customer engagement capabilities on emerging channels such as mobile and social media
  • Facilitates service recovery by empowering ground staff with mobile applications to mitigate customer defections and offer solutions to service disruptions immediately


  • Promote loyalty through personalized and consistent interactions across touch points
  • Drive revenue growth by responding to market dynamics, realizing growth avenues and monetizing first mover advantages with improved process and system agility
  • Increase ancillary revenues with insight-driven decision making that leverages market trends to convert cross-sell and up-sell opportunities from ticket sales to in-flight purchases
  • Boost brand advocacy by consistently delivering delightful and personalized customer experiences
  • Leverage enhanced service recovery capabilities to re-engage unhappy customers and reduce customer defection
  • Enhance staff productivity with increased mobility, internal collaboration and process efficiencies, thereby building and delivering memorable customer experiences across touch points
  • Sustain competitive advantage through innovative sales, service and marketing strategies supported by streamlined processes and insights based real-time decision making

The TCS Advantage

TCS works with eight of the top 10 global airlines and two of the three leading airline alliances. Partnering with us offers you the advantages of:

  • Mature assets in CX: Our proven assets enrich consulting led Airlines CX transformation engagements by using:
    - Customer Experience Design And Reference (CEDAR) framework
    - Customer Experience Journey Mapping asset
    - Customer Experience Maturity Assessment asset
  • Pre-built solutions: We leverage pre-built solutions for customer loyalty, service recovery, mobility and passenger data management to accelerate multichannel
    integrated solution deployment.
  • Domain and technology expertise: Our extensive experience in airline systems spans the entire travel enterprise value chain, from passenger service systems (PSS) to planning and operations to customer centered technologies such as mobile, check-in, and social media. We are working with several leading airlines on their customer experience strategy and relevant initiatives.
  • Travel Innovation Lab: TCS has invested in a dedicated Innovation Lab for the travel industry to incubate futuristic ideas, co-innovate, and develop frameworks and prototypes of pioneering solutions.
  • Strategic relationship with Oracle: As one of Oracle’s premier Go-to-Market (GTM) partners, we are engaged in joint solution development with Oracle. Our dedicated Oracle CX center of excellence (CoE) and partnership enable us to bring technology expertise to every engagement.


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