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TCS Business Transformation Delivery Assurance

TCS’ offering helps organizations ensure the success of their large-scale business transformation programs. By offering early and continuous visibility into the program's progress, we maintain focus on desired outcomes, thereby preventing schedule and cost slippages.

Our Solution | Benefits

The failure rate for large-scale business transformation programs is unacceptably high. 20 and 30 percent of all IT programs fail to deliver the expected business outcomes, or fail to do so within the earmarked budget. To address these challenges, TCS’ Business Transformation Delivery Assurance offering leverages a three-stage framework that ensures such programs achieve strategic enterprise goals – within budget. Our framework helps establish key milestones that are customized to the scope, size, duration, and strategic intent of your organization's transformation program.

Our Solution

Our solution focuses on the outcomes of a business transformation program by:

  • Focusing and achieving to ensure value realization
  • Executing and translating strategic intent into operational execution
  • Transitioning and maintaining, post program execution


Our framework helps companies mitigate the risks associated with large-scale business transformation programs by enabling them to achieve targeted business outcomes, on time and within budget. Our offering also helps in:

  • Increasing competitiveness by ensuring the relevance, success, and business value of your transformation program
  • Reducing the risk of business disruption by integrating delivery assurance in your program
  • Ensuring greater return on investment and prevent value leakage through proactive and forward looking delivery assurance

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