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TCS Center of Excellence in support of SAP Perfect Plant

Experience the benefits of true enterprise-to-shop-floor integration with certainty, with a collaborative landscape for SAP solution providers and customers.

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Our Solution

The TCS Perfect Plant vision is to provide you with total visibility across your enterprise to the granular level and support proactive decision making across plants and operations. Our team of experts will help your company reach its goals by enabling you to integrate your manufacturing execution systems (MES) and other plant systems with the rest of the business operations.

The TCS Perfect Plant Center of Excellence was set up with a state-of-the-art laboratory created on Cisco’s latest cloud-based Unified Computing System (UCS).

The solutions provided by the TCS Center of Excellence in support of SAP Perfect Plant include the following:

  • Overall equipment effectiveness
  • Energy management
  • Plant maintenance
  • Quality management
  • Order scheduling
  • Perfect Plant mobility


  • Rapidly prototype to conceptualize, design, develop industry-specific solutions
  • Create composite and pre-packaged applications
  • Rapidly configure, deploy and customize these solutions to customer needs
  • Detect gaps and design solutions across entire supply chain
  • Influence decision making by creating model based simulations and scenarios

TCS Advantage

The Perfect Plant Center of Excellence allows companies to see firsthand how Perfect Plant solutions would work within their operations. Process and discrete industry-related scenarios have been developed through a collaboration of SAP, TCS, and leading third-party solutions providers. These Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) are targeted at improving production, inventory, quality and asset management performance, and functionality.


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