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TCS Compliance in a Box Solution

Regulatory compliance has emerged as a core business function for banks amid the enforcement of stringent rules across different jurisdictions. Financial Institutions have the relevant governance, risk, and compliance systems for regulatory compliance management in place, translating the compliance strategy into execution remains a key challenge. TCS' Compliance in a Box solution is a comprehensive compliance change management framework that integrates the planning aspect of
compliance management with its execution while standardizing the processes involved.

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Today’s fast evolving regulatory landscape requires banks to embed compliance into their overall business strategy and organizational culture, far removed from the point solutions they previously adopted. However, realizing this vision remains a challenge for many FIs,given the disparate and independent GRC initiatives different departments have implemented. The data sets pertaining to regulatory change management projects are typically locked in non-integrated functional units, making it difficult for FIs to gain visibility into various initiatives. This disjointed approach to regulatory compliance translates to higher operating costs.

Our Solution

TCS' Compliance in a Box solution encompasses:

  • Strategy alignment ensures that the outcome of compliance related projects is mapped to
    organizational strategy.
  • Process standardization ensures compliance projects follow the standardized process roadmaps
    that address different regulatory needs or organizational objectives.
  • An integration framework on cloud enables complete regulatory change management. Meta
    data related to roles and resources from the HR system is incorporated to create a single source of
    truth for regulatory compliance.


TCS' Compliance in a Box solution helps you:

  • Ensure regulatory compliance: Respond to regulatory changes in a timely manner through
    process standardization and integration of GRC and EPPM systems
  • Improve operating efficiency: Avoid cost overruns by completing GRC initiatives within stipulated timelines; measure the outcomes of regulatory change management initiatives against quantitative key performance indicators
  • Realize organizational transparency: Foster a culture of compliance by building a platform for
    cross-functional visibility through improved collaboration among various stakeholders
  • Drive higher profitability: Improve your bottom line by avoiding heavy penalties incurred because of non-adherence to deadlines for regulatory compliance

TCS Advantage

By partnering with us, you can leverage the following differentiators:

  • Template-based framework built on variousproject execution best practices including Six Sigma, lean and PMI, can help you quickly respond to evolving regulations in a standardized manner.
  • Turnkey assets that includes reusable components that foster smooth integration of different functions such as finance and human resources.
  • TCS’ dedicated Oracle Centers of Excellence leverage our strategic partnership
    with the technology major to identify and promote best practices related to Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications (OFSAA).

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