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TCS Datacenter Server Transformation Offering

Refresh and upgrade your datacenter infrastructure while optimizing capital and operational costs with TCS’ Datacenter Server Transformation offering.

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TCS' Solution

Intense competition and economic pressures are compelling organizations to optimize their capital and operating expenditures (CAPEX and OPEX) on datacenter investments. With complex datacenter environments inhibiting efficient energy consumption and space utilization, enterprises have identified the need for datacenter consolidation and transformation. However, organizations continue to contend with numerous IT transformation related challenges. Devising a transformation strategy that accounts for the scale and complexity of the enterprise infrastructure is a time and resource intensive exercise. Business requirements tend to change over the period of transformation implementation, necessitating unplanned changes and fine tuning. Additionally, the lack of visibility into the ‘as-is’ state leads to several bottlenecks in strategy implementation,
affecting the success of the transformation initiative.

TCS’ analytics driven Datacenter Server Transformation offering leverages our e-Transform platform to deliver an agile, high performing, and cost optimized datacenter. Based on Oracle’s comprehensive infrastructure portfolio, our solution maintains the focus on key IT drivers such as agility, efficiency, predictability, and security. You can assess current state of your datacenter and arrive at an optimal to be state, designed on Oracle Platform, including industry leading high performing Oracle SPARC server and Oracle's Sun x86 server with cloud enabled built-in, full-capacity Virtualization and Management capabilities. The offering automates the existing manual, intuition-based, and time-consuming approach to upgrading and modernizing IT systems to deliver server consolidation, optimization, and migration strategies, with improved overall ROI.


TCS’ Datacenter Server Transformation offering can help you device a strategy for simplifying and transforming your enterprise datacenter server infrastructure and ensure the success of your transformation program.

The offering helps:

  • Improve your visibility of the as-is state of enterprise IT, identify bottlenecks, reduce delays, and plan for disruptions to ensure your transformation program is on schedule. Our solution renders the mappings from business process to IT applications, infrastructure and cost transparent, enabling you to realize opportunities for optimization.
  • Explore design transformation solutions systematically. Automate the process of deriving the most effective target state, as well as a proper schedule for migrating from the as-is to the target state, gaining visibility and tighter control over your transformation initiative.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint with consolidated infrastructure leading to optimized energy consumption. By simplifying and standardizing your datacenter architecture, enhance your return on investments and reduce your total cost of ownership.
  • The offering which is based on oracle infrastructure, allows consolidation of workloads from older servers and re-host them on latest high performing Oracle SPARC servers leading to efficient architecture and lower operational costs. The offering also offers unmatched ROI capabilities by seamless migration from legacy Oracle SPARC server install base to latest high performing Oracle SPARC T5 and M6 servers without the need of changing or re-compiling the applications.

The TCS Advantage

TCS’ Datacenter Server Transformation offering helps deliver an agile, high performance, cost optimized datacenter. Our Global Network Delivery Model (GNDM ) ensures high quality, high availability, and access to the best resources across geographies. Our industry knowledge and technical expertise in Oracle solutions and a strategic Diamond Level Partnership with Oracle gives you a definite advantage. In addition, you gain from:

  • A customer-centric engagement model aligned to your business goals
  • The significant domain experience and research embedded in our e-Transform platform that ensures predictable, adaptive and accelerated datacenter transformation execution. e-Transform offers:
    • Fact-based data-driven IT management to comprehensively monitor business processes, IT, infrastructure, and costs. It also enables superior governance by leveraging a ’single source of truth’
    • End-to-end visibility and transparency to identify the impact of business functions on IT and infrastructure. e-Transform determines the implications of processes, IT and infrastructure on the cost, agility and stability of business
    • A proactive, highly-automated and flexible process for IT transformation as well as governance to deliver business-led, analytics-driven automated processes
  • The Datacenter Center of Excellence (CoE) that offers transformative solutions and access to a diverse knowledge eco-system


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