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TCS Fusion Accounting Hub Solution

Enterprise-wide visibility, analytical insights and near real-time reporting are essential to drive timely and accurate decision making. To retain competitive advantage, organizations must standardize, automate, and integrate their operational processes with financial reporting and analysis, backed by superior IT solutions.

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Our Solution

TCS’ Fusion Accounting Hub (FAH) solution leverages the Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub and serves as a complete accounting integration and financial reporting platform. It offers rule-based financial accounting consolidation on a single platform, supporting all financial management and analytical needs. The solution also provides a framework for quicker and cost effective implementation of Oracle Financial Accounting Hub, amidst countless accounting environment changes.


TCS’ solution enables you to:

  • Gain real-time access to live financial data and reports: Provide users with self-service access to live financial reports that they are authorized to view. Offer ‘boardroom-ready’ financial statements and departmental reports in the output format of choice.
  • Store analytic information with accounting for reconciliation and reporting: Leverage the rules repository to define and maintain accounting rules. Create, validate and store accounting journals with a rules transformation engine; and reconcile to source systems with a detailed accounting repository.
  • Meet compliance standards: Ensure adherence to compliance and industry accounting requirements through a single source of accounting truth for all external and legacy systems.
  • Rapidly integrate data of companies acquired through mergers: Seamlessly integrate new industry specific systems or recently acquired companies into your existing environment with reduced risk.
  • Simplify issue resolution with process optimization: Proactively monitor account balances, and notify users of sudden spikes or drops based on user-defined thresholds.

The TCS Advantage

The TCS FAH solution enhances business efficiency while reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • A standard guided process flow: A demo storyboard reduces your future system design time by providing you with a pre-created platform to help decide on the required future process flow.
  • A detailed questionnaire: Our Discovery Questionnaire ensures that the system design does not overlook any related or impacted area, reducing the number of iterations required to finalize the design and expedite system implementation and time to value.
  • Ready-to-use primary test scripts: TCS’ proven test scripts help reduce testing time and ensure complete scope coverage, leading to faster user acceptance through more robust testing.

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