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TCS Omni Channel Customer Grievances Redressal Solution

TCS’ Omni Channel Customer Grievances Redressal solution helps retailers track grievances across disparate sources and report, process and close them based on case and channel type. Leveraging enterprise content management

The proliferation of mobile devices and multiple digital platforms has resulted in customers using various channels to express their grievances. The complexity of capturing and correlating feedback across multiple touch points thereby poses a challenge to effectively manage customer complaints and charge suppliers for faulty products.

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Our Solution

Today, consumers interact with retailers and raise service requests and grievances using multiple channels such as customer care centers, retail outlets and emails. For retailers, addressing these complaints especially the ones related to perishable items, promptly, and charging the supplier for the defective products is a top priority. To help address these challenges, TCS offers the Omni Channel Customer Grievances Redressal solution which creates a case identification number and sends an email notification to end customers with the relevant case reference number. It helps consolidate and classify cases by supplier and fault type and provides an option to customize rules for handling supplier charging and invoicing. If charges to a supplier reach the pre-set threshold, the solution automatically computes the charges and sends the invoice to the concerned supplier enabling retailers to realize higher efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Solution Benefits

TCS’ solution helps you process and manage customer grievances across various channels to:

  • Improve grievance redressal: By enabling you to track and segment grievances as per customized rules, the solution helps enhance operational efficiency and resolve cases faster.
  • Enable channel specific processing: Customers can register their grievances through various channels that can then be processed as per channel type. Our
    automated workflow helps process customer feedback effectively, depending on the request and channel type, thereby enabling you to provide channel specific resolution.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction: By ensuring effective and quick grievance resolution across channels, you improve customer experience, satisfaction, and retention.
  • Improve supplier management: The solution enables you to preset parameters to verify the quality of suppliers’ product delivery, thus facilitating enhanced quality control standards.
  • Streamline supplier re-charge process: The automation of supplier segmentation and pre-defined rules for charging and invoicing help speed up and streamline the process of charging a supplier for faulty products.

The TCS Advantage

TCS’ Omni Channel Customer Grievances Redressal solution is built on the powerful PEGA platform. By partnering with us, you can benefit from:

  • Dynamic decision making: Leveraging the DSM capabilities of Pega, our solution factors in historical data and previous decisions to strengthen the decision making process.
  • End to end case management: It serves as a centralized solution for tracking, investigating and resolving grievances across the lifecycle of all cases.
  • Omni-channel grievance redressal: Our solution allows case registration through outlets, emails, and social media. Grievances can be tracked on the go, using mobile and tablet devices.


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