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TCS Order Management Plan to Promise Solution

TCS’ Order Management Plan to Promise offering helps assign available resources to profitable demand channels and make real-time delivery commitments. It also facilitates the generation of production plans that factor in all material and capacity constraints.


In dynamic global operations, increasing competition and a shortened product life cycle make supply chain excellence a key driver of customer delight and profitability for large enterprises. Accurate order promising and planning - a key differentiator for customer satisfaction - plays a vital role in satisfying increasingly demanding customers. An intelligent order promising system along with an efficient order planning system can deliver real time supply chain visibility and the flexibility to cope with changes, as well as operational excellence through optimized supply demand matching.

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Our Solution

TCS’ Order Management Plan to Promise offering is built around JDA’s proven order promising and planning solution that utilizes the service oriented architecture (SOA) of JDA’s Agile Business Process Platform. This solution provides pre-configured integration with JDA Factory Planner and JDA Order Promiser. It enables:

  • Allocation planning: Allocating available supply to the appropriate demand channels to maximize business results
  • Forecast profiling: Helping generate accurate inputs for supply planning systems
  • Order promising: Enabling accurate and near- to-real-time delivery commitments based on capacity and allocation constraints
  • Order planning: Facilitating the generation of optimized production plans that take into account material and capacity constraints
  • Fault tolerant architecture: Enabling 24/7 order promising capability through high availability


Our Order Management Plan to Promise Solution enables:

  • Improved customer satisfaction: Deliver superior customer experience with automated and accurate order promising. Rapidly respond to inquiries and sales quotations with our real time promising solution.
  • Increased profitability: Leverage segmentation-based allocation planning to assign material and capacities to more profitable channels, and thus, boost profitability.
  • Improved production planning: Reduce cycle time and improve inventory turnover through optimized production planning that factors in material and capacity constraints.
  • Delivery excellence: Boost supply and capacity utilization levels using both Available-to-Promise and Capable-to-Promise rules to enhance the reliability and productivity of order delivery.

TCS Advantage

Partnering with TCS helps you leverage the following benefits :

  • Our JDA Center of Excellence (CoE) provides expert reviews, strategy and roadmap advisory for customized solutions for our clients  
  • We have a successful track record of executing SCM projects related to custom application development, SCM process outsourcing (BPO/KPO), and application outsourcing and support
  • Our project implementation approach includes the use of prebuilt programs, use cases and templates for requirement definition, solution design and data mapping
  • We also offer consulting expertise to enterprises around the world, helping them gain a competitive edge through adoption of best practices and methodologies

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