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TCS Retail Analytics and Consumer Insights Solution on Oracle

TCS' Retail Analytics and Consumer Insights solution leverages the capabilities of Oracle Retail Data Model (ORDM) to provide retailers with cross-channel insights on consumers' purchase behavior and operations.

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It is challenging for retailers to capture and derive cross-channel shopping insights, given the lack of integration across disparate digital technologies employed by enterprise IT and external channels. The presence of standalone system prevents retailers from gaining early knowledge of operational challenges such as inventory-stock outs. It becomes imperative for retailers to overcome these strategic and operational challenges to drive superior, relevant, and customized consumer engagement across channels. Our solution provides retailers with customer insights based on social and real time data to help them maximize sales and improve analysis.

Our Solution

TCS’  solution integrates data from disparate sources and generates meaningful and actionable insights for retailers, helping them to:

  • Integrate multiple systems to unify data on consumer behavior and retail operations
  • Develop a 360-degree view of the customer through enterprise view and social insights
  • Speed implementation with  pre-built adapters and accelerators that integrate data from disparate, relevant systems (both structured and unstructured) and feed it to ORDM
  • Leverage Oracle Exadata to derive near real-time insights through high-speed processing
  • Utilize ORDM’s inbuilt reports and key performance indicators (KPIs) to build real-time, on-demand, and configurable reports on customer behavior, loyalty and segmentation


  • Improves profitability by using market basket analysis to maximize the share of customer’s wallet, and increase profitability
  • Enables  market responsiveness by providing customer insights across channels to present the right offers and services at the right time – building loyalty
  • Enhances retail operations by leveraging cross-functional insights for superior customer service
  • Improves efficiency through reduction of complexity and cost owing to disparate software solutions

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