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TCS SAP BW Performance Optimization Solution

TCS offers the SAP BW Performance Optimization solution that automates the identification of performance bottleneck causes. The solution comprises a software tool and template based evaluation process that identifies the factors that affect the performance of the Decision Support System (DSS) running on your SAP BW.

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Our Solution

TCS’ SAP BW Performance Optimization solution considerably reduces the time, resources, and effort required for SAP BW performance tuning. The tool executes a set of programs that automates the identification and measurement of parameters that impact SAP BW performance. It then analyzes the data collected against benchmarks and generates a visual report of the analysis. Predefined assessment templates and checklists help analyze observations and provide a comprehensive assessment report to simplify and accelerate performance optimization.


TCS’ SAP BW Performance Optimization solution helps you:

  • Enhance system performance: Improve the performance of your SAP BW management information applications and ensure availability of critical data and improve response time for report and query execution, and report drill down.
  • Improve return on investment: Align SAP BW to your decision support system to enable processes and services that drive business growth. Identify current pain areas, their root cause and remedial options to leverage SAP BW more effectively.
  • Reduce TCO through increased productivity: Fine-tune your SAP BW system to promote the efficient use of databases, reduce the load on system resources and ensure system availability and bandwidth availability.
  • Realize operational efficiencies: Accelerate your SAP BW analysis by automating the process of identifying performance degradation root causes and potential resolutions. Eliminate manual tuning effort to enhance internal productivity.


The TCS Advantage

TCS partners with leading organizations globally to help them maximize the value of their technology investments. By combining our diverse experience with our technology expertise, the TCS SAP BW Performance Optimization solution offers:

  • Automated performance analysis: Our tools automate the process of identifying factors (such as Data Source Object index, partitioned and non-partitioned cubes, aggregate usage, consistency checks, and so on) that affect the performance of your SAP BW application. This automation helps deliver consistent and repeatable results.
  • Comprehensive coverage: We offer predefined templates for data collection, which include infocube inventory, interview response record, query assessment, query detail, data source details, user acceptance and so on. Combined with detailed checklists for web templates, query design and so on, our assessment report enables detailed analysis of performance issues.
  • Intuitive report: We present the findings of our analysis in a system generated report that uses visual elements such as graphs and charts to enhance information presentation.  Our alerts, recommendations and custom deployment plan help you enhance the performance of your SAP BW applications.
  • Partnership with SAP: An SAP Global Partner for over 15 years, TCS is well positioned to design and implement complex SAP engagements, as well as evolve and transform SAP landscapes.


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