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TCS SAP Event Management Solution for Inbound Logistics

TCS' SAP EM Solution for Inbound Logistics accelerates the implementation and roll out of SAP EM.

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TCS Solution

TCS' SAP EM Solution for Inbound Logistics accelerates the implementation and roll out of SAP EM. This procure-to-pay solution comprises a vast knowledge repository of re-usable assets such as business blueprints, process flow diagrams, and configuration documents. Our replicable and adoptable solution includes pre configured inbound logistics scenarios for Purchase Order (PO) processing and PO Acknowledgement, Advance Shipping Notification (ASN), Goods Receipt (GR) creation, and Invoice Verification and Payment. Deployable as part of the organizational supply chain management (SCM) solution or as a standalone EM solution, our offering delivers efficiency across your inbound logistics value chain.


The TCS SAP EM Solution for Inbound Logistics ensures higher efficiency and productivity during the SAP EM implementation or roll-out. Additional benefits include:

  • Accelerated solution roll-out: Reduce the cost and time of your SAP EM implementation or roll-out time by 25% with the solution's pre-configured accelerators and leverage readily available procure-to-pay inbound logistics scenarios.
  • Enhanced visibility into inbound logistics: Closely monitor your inbound supply chain ecosystem, including partners, processes and performance indicators. Streamline material procurement, delivery and payments, optimize inventories and improve efficiencies.
  • Improved operational agility: Define alerts and exceptions to flag status changes and deviations of actual processes from planned ones in real time. Identify events that can potentially affect business operations and initiate remedial or corrective action.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Reduce TCO by leveraging preconfigured assets, best practices and proven solution accelerators for your SAP EM implementation or roll-out.

The TCS Advantage

TCS partners with SAP to help organizations achieve greater business agility and operational excellence. An SAP Global Partner for over 15 years, TCS is well positioned to design and implement complex SAP engagements, as well as evolve and transform SAP landscapes to achieve more business value and strong ROI. TCS is a member of SAP's Premier Customer Network (PCN) since 2012. This strategic partnership spans all business relationship facetssupplier, customer, and co-innovation partner for go-to-market initiatives.

A combination of our deep business process expertise, strong execution capabilities and cutting-edge technologies, the TCS SAP EM Solution for Inbound Logistics is designed to enhance employee productivity and efficiency. We add value to each
engagement through:

  • Demonstrated solution capabilities: We leverage our in-house platform to offer demos, prototype solutions and PoCs to demonstrate the solution's capabilities.
  • Flexible deployment options: Our pre-configured solution needs SAP ECC as the source system and can be replicated across business systems. SAP EM supports multiple deployment options - EM as part of SAP SCM as well as standalone SAP EM.
  • Customized Procure-to-Pay solution: The solution includes several pre-configured inbound logistics business scenarios that can be easily replicated
  • Reusable artifacts and best practices: We offer ready-to-use business blueprints, process flow diagrams and so on. Our user training manuals eliminate internal training overheads.

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