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xCOS™ Accelerated Customer On-boarding Solution

Service organizations where customer on-boarding is not only document-intensive but also compliance-driven would benefit from the well-defined processes and solution within xCOS.

Benefits | TCS Advantage


TCS’ xCOS is designed to address critical customer on-boarding needs of growing businesses:

  • Online and offline e-forms: Leverage RIA-enabled offline forms for a mobile sales-force
  • Design effective and efficient paper forms: Incorporate best practices in form design to achieve efficiencies through ICR / OCR
  • Tap new generation customer reach channels (tablets, mobile phones and so on): Leverage customer self-service channels more effectively
  • Run best-in-class application review and approval processes: Achieve maximum Straight Through Processing (STP) by API integration with external service providers (example: address verification using Yellow Pages) and rule- based decision engine (example: If Applicant Credit Score > 500, then Approve, else Refer for Manual Review)
  • Designed for Lean Six Sigma: Measure and improve efficiency (cost per customer, cycle time) and effectiveness (customer satisfaction and channel effectiveness)
  • Outsource non-critical activities: xCOS is designed to enable in-house / outsourced hybrid model
  • Minimize costs, while enhancing compliance to regulations: For example, data confidentiality, underwriting process adherence, SDN list and sanctions checks (OFAC), and so on
  • Minimize cycle times: Each day of delay results in lost revenue or opportunity
  • Leverage analytics to extract information for cross-sell opportunities
  • Customize customer on-boarding communication: For example, welcome packs

The TCS Advantage:

  • ECM delivery expertise
  • Process transformation
  • Flexible and customizable xCOS
  • Utility-based pricing
  • Domain expertise

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