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Leading Hollywood Studio Uncovers New Insights with a First-of-its-Kind SAP Solution

TCS helped its client, a major Hollywood studio with a complex television distribution network, significantly improve their analytics capabilities. By implementing a first-of-its-kind business intelligence solution using SAP Business Analytics, TCS was able to significantly improve the client’s planning and organizational decision making.

“I'm very proud of the TCS team members. The value the team has added to the project is outstanding. This group truly worked together as a team and with other vendors as well.” 
- Director, Project TV, Client

About the client
This TCS' client is a major Hollywood studio, with a complex television distribution network. They are one of the largest producers of television content and distribute many hours of programming across thousands of television programs in over 200 foreign territories and 200 domestic markets.

Business Challenge
As a major television distribution operation, this division relied on custom-developed, aging mainframe applications which slowed business processes affecting sales, finance and intellectual property management. To solve their business and technical challenges, the studio engaged TCS and several other vendors to replace the division's fragmented legacy systems.

TCS’ Solution
To streamline international and domestic television distribution processes, the studio engaged TCS and another vendor to implement three integrated SAP systems to support the sales and finance units, financial close analytics and business intelligence reporting. TCS worked as the implementation partner on the SAP business analytics portion, handling the reporting and analytics aspects of the solution. This business analytics solution provides financial close reporting and analytics capabilities by leveraging SAP Business Warehouse (BW) and SAP Business Objects (BO) systems.


  • All areas of the television distribution division now have access to a single version of “the truth”
  • Greatly reduced costs incurred with managing multiple disparate systems
  • Business analytics solution now provides a flexible, business-oriented environment for dynamic analysis across multiple applications and business users report a better user experience
  • Improved sales capacity as the integrated solution is now able to support complex distribution contracts


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