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TCS helps the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Education (MoE) transform IT enterprise, advance digital society

To support the transformation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into a digital society, TCS helped the Ministry of Education (MoE) replace its stand-alone legacy systems with a modernized Financial and Administrative Resource Information System (FARIS) based on the Oracle E-Business Suite (eBS).

The Customer:
Established in Saudi Arabia in 1953, the Ministry oversees free general education in primary, secondary and intermediate schools. It manages a vast network of more than 33,000 publicly funded schools, over five million students, more than 650,000 teachers and over 50,000 administrative employees. Its goal is to advance educational excellence throughout the Kingdom.

Business Challenge:
The MoEs ability to advance its educational goals was being hindered by disparate, outmoded administrative and financial systems, many of which were manual and paper-based. The multiple systems could not communicate with each other, which made it difficult for administrators to collect, share and consolidate information.

TCS Solution:
The MoE chose TCS, an Oracle Diamond partner, to implement the solution because of its vast knowledge of the Oracle eBS and an in-depth experience with the government sector within Saudi Arabia. TCS had earlier successfully implemented enterprise solutions for Saudi Arabias Ministry of Finance and Ministry of the Interior.

To transform the Ministry of Education into a digital enterprise, we took the following steps:

  • Established a single ERP platform for all Ministry directorates using the Oracle eBS
  • Consolidated and replaced approximately one hundred local proprietary systems with a single ERP platform
  • Established guided workflows for financial transactions and reporting, and reduced the average time for generating budget reports
  • Optimized the quantity and type of stock ordered to improve warehouse space use
  • Introduced effective change management in people, processes and technologies to enhance operations and strengthen employee buy-in for using best practices embedded in the Oracle eBS

By establishing a single, modernized platform to support financial and administrative activities, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabias MoE has enjoyed tremendous gains:

  • New guided workflows allow HR and financial reports to be produced in minutes rather than days. The payroll is now completed within 10 days with greater accuracy, whereas it previously required up to 20 days for the Ministry’s headquarters to close and process payroll.
  • Service requests previously involved a tedious and time-consuming manual process. The new automated processes complete the requests within 1 or 2 days.
  • Purchase orders, which were previously processed manually, took hours or days to create. The Oracle Purchasing solution now creates them in 5 to 10 minutes and enables approval within 1 to 5 minutes.

“By choosing TCS to implement Oracle E-Business Suite and provide training and support services, the Ministry achieved a quantum leap in transforming the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into a digital society.” 

- Ministry of Education, KSA, Dr. Jarallah Saleh AlGhamdi, CIO


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