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Sensata Technologies successfully integrates acquired company by harmonizing business and technology processes

Sensata has grown its business operations and technology expertise by acquiring various manufacturing companies with products similar to their core offerings. They partnered with TCS to design a merger and acquisition application integration strategy to support their acquisition of Wabash technologies, a global automotive sensor device manufacturer.

Outstanding job to all on achieving this very significant milestone.”
                                                                               - Rob Stefanic, CIO, Sensata Technologies

About the client
Sensata Technologies is a leading US manufacturer and supplier of sensor devices, serving a global client base through their global sales operations and manufacturing facilities in nine countries. Through strategic mergers and acquisitions, they have rapidly grown their business by acquiring manufacturing companies with products similar to their core offerings.

Business Challenge
Sensata aimed at increasing their topline revenue and competitive skills by acquiring Wabash technologies which required aligning Wabash’s operations to their centralized global operating model. Several non-standard applications at Wabash required special attention to integrate operations and ensure regulatory compliance and supply chain efficiency. TCS was chosen as the implementation partner because of its deep experience in Oracle technology, organizational change management and M&A expertise.

TCS’ Solution
TCS helped Sensata implement their hub and spoke model designed to manage acquired companies. The integration was achieved in a two phases:

  • Inception phase: TCS designed the M&A application integration strategy and M&A risk analysis approach to execute routine Oracle system operations
  • Execution phase: This entailed the analysis and integration of business processes and standard applications into the global operating model

TCS also implemented the financial and reporting structure as well as provided expertise in global
KPI standards to help drive adoption of corporate standards.

By partnering with TCS, the following benefits were realized with the acquisition:

  • Seamless application and business process transition
  • Accurate financial consolidation and reporting for the newly acquired company successful organizational
  • Successful integration of change management program
  • Comprehensive training on application procedures
  • Implementation of multi-geography business process analysis workshops

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